There is a fine difference between being a LCS/LEC MVP and being a E1 Fantasy Stud. MVP’s have an impact well beyond their numbers, while evaluating Fantasy Studs is all about the numbers. Mastering this difference takes time and experience, but can make for a huge advantage when building your fantasy lineup.

Looking back at 2019, it was an amazing year for both the LEC & LCS. Fierce competition, shocking turnarounds, historic runs, and massive Fantasy performances. Evaluating the Summer Splits of LEC & LCS, we can see how positions compare to each other in scoring and check out what player was the top performer at each position.

If you are unfamiliar with the E1 Fantasy scoring system, we recommend checking out this article first. Also, if you haven’t signed up head here.

Fantasy Positional Analysis

Top Laners

Entering the E1 Fantasy Bwipo is a curious case… How does the highest scoring Top Laner lead the entire position in Deaths/g? Well, it is possible when the same guy ranks 2nd in Kills and 1st in Assists. Bwipo was a force in the Top lane all season and was extremely difficult to play against, playing 12 unique champions just in the Summer Season. Bwipo will have to get used to playing with a new Jungler after Broxah’s departure, but he still enters 2020 as the lead Top Laner. Bwipo will have to get used to playing with a new Jungler after Broxah’s departure, but he still enters the 2020 season as the lead Top Laner. 


This one was a blowout. Jankos was by far the best E1 Fantasy Jungler of 2019 Summer. No other Jungler was even within 3 points of Jankos, and he even outscored the best Top Laner. An amazing year for Jankos is defined by the fact that he led the position in Kills/g and Assists/g. Wherever there was a fight; Jankos was there. He did most of his damage on Sejuani and Jarvan IV, combining for 44% of his games. G2 is looking to brawl just as much in 2020, making Jankos the premier Jungler for your lineups.

Mid Laners

The second Fnatic player leading their position, Nemesis was a beast all year in the Mid Lane. He was extremely reliable and handled pressure better than any other Mid Laner. What gave him the edge over guys like Caps and Nisqy is the fact that Nemesis was able to rack up the Kills and Assists while barely ever dying. He did most of his work on Twisted Fate (6 GP) and will have to battle with a talented crop of Mid Laners to keep the E1 Fantasy throne in 2020.

Bot Laners

Did you think you would see Perkz here? Maybe Rekkles or Doublelift? Not only was UpseT the highest scoring Bot laner in ‘19 Summer, he was the highest scoring player overall. UpseT was the only player to average over 30 fantasy points per game as he led the LEC/LCS in Kills/g. He did most of his damage on Sivir and Kaisa (combined 8 GP), but really did damage no matter the champion. With the stiff competition at the position, it will be difficult for UpseT to repeat as the #1 Bot laner, especially given the unknown of now being a member of Origen.


The second G2 Esports representative comes in at Support with Mikyx. This was the closest race of any position as S04’s IgNar was just a tenth of a point behind. Mikyx led all players in Assists, which can be credited to the playstyle of the wild G2 squad. Mikyx had 4 games on each of Rakan and Yuumi, but had ridiculous stat lines on every champion he played. With G2’s team staying intact and looking to follow-up on an amazing E1 Fantasy 2019 campaign, Mikyx is in great position to defend his crown in 2020.


Another close race, this time for the top scoring Team of the LCS/LEC, resulted in Fnatic edging out Team Liquid for the number 1 spot. With Fnatic on top here, LEC completes the sweep for top scorers at every position, which is no surprise when you compare the playstyles of each region. For Fnatic specifically, they had an amazing year, winning 77.8% of their games and leading all teams in Barons and Turrets Destroyed per game. Fnatic will be rolling out a new lineup in 2020 without Broxah, but is hoping to be as dominant as their 2019 campaign.