With the final week of LCS Summer Playoffs behind us, so comes the much-awaited results of the split MVP: TSM Spica. Competing for the MVP with other players like Closer and Jiizuke, Spica managed to edge out after a first-place regular-season finish with TSM, proving his worthiness of the honor. With this said, let’s look back on the past and see how Spica measures up to his fellow LCS MVP winners in our top 5 LCS MVPs of all time.

While creating the rankings, the MVP’s role in their team’s success for that split will be valued the most. An MVP who was the sole reason their team found any success is valued more than an MVP from a star-studded roster who all played their fair share. In addition to this, once the list includes a player, their other MVPs will no longer be eligible for the list (sorry, Bjergsen and Blaber). Finally, I will take into account the player’s impact on the NA region as well. Where do you think Spica’s Summer 2021 performance ranks among our top 5 LCS MVPs of all time?

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5. 2015 Summer: TIP Rush

Top 5 Lcs Mvps
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MVP Split Stats

Kills: 75 (1st)

Assists: 190 (Tied-1st)

FB%: 58% (1st)

KP%: 77.7% (2nd)


When people think about aggressive junglers, names such as Blaber or (insert name here) pop up. However, a jungler preceded these players, a jungler, who encapsulated his name in his playing style: Rush. With his hyper-aggressive playstyle, Rush topped the league in kills and first bloods for his role during his MVP split. In that same split, Rush lead his team to a 4th place finish in the LCS even after their starting mid laner, XiaoWeiXiao, was banned for Elo-boosting.

This jungler earns his spot among the top 5 LCS MVPs for his stellar performance and his inspiration to aspiring pro junglers with his entertaining, chaotic playstyle.

4. 2016 Spring: IMT Reignover

Top 5 Lcs Mvps
Photo Via Riot Games
MVP Split Stats

KDA: 8.3 (1st)

FB%: 61% (2nd)

[email protected]: 314 (1st)

[email protected]: 462 (1st)

This Immortals squad is possibly one of the best LCS rosters of all time. Although this team failed to live up to the hype and was knocked out by a resurging TSM in the playoffs, it is hard to ignore their regular-season success. In their first split, Immortals completely dominated the regular season, sporting a 17-1 record. During his MVP split, Reignover established himself as the best jungler in the LCS and led the league or was second in numerous statistics. However, it was not just his performance that earned him a spot on among the top 5 LCS MVPs but also his impact on the LCS.

As a result of how hard Reignover crushed his competition, he raised the bar of what was required to be an LCS-caliber jungler and helped elevate the other junglers in the region. Because of both his impact on his team’s performance and the region, Reignover’s MVP split earns the fourth spot on this list.

3. 2019 Spring: TL CoreJJ

Top 5 Lcs Mvps
Photo Via Riot Games
MVP Split Stats

Kills: 18 (Tied-1st)

Deaths: 29 (1st least)

Assists: 158 (1st)

KP%: 74.9 % (1st)

When the news broke, many already had high expectations that Team Liquid signed former world champion, CoreJJ to their roster. Despite the sky-high expectations, CoreJJ still blew them out of the water, showing amazing performance consistently, in and out of lane. He led the league in kills, assists, and kill participation among supports. His ADC, Doublelift, also topped the league in his role, indicating that CoreJJ was not just leaving his lane partner to suffer while he roamed.

CoreJJ’s MVP earns its spot among the top 5 LCS MVPs for his role on the team and his impact on the region. CoreJJ was a significant facilitator for Team Liquid’s early game with roam timings and map plays. Much like Reignover, CoreJJ’s first split in NA was a statement that caused players to pay attention to his talent. The overall level of LCS supports had to rise to avoid at least being run over by CoreJJ.

2. 2017 Spring: P1 Arrow

Top 5 Lcs Mvps
Photo Via Riot Games
MVP Split Stats

Kills: 161 (2nd)

Deaths: 78 (1st least)

KP%: 70.7% (1st)

DPM: 589 (1st)

This one is a throwback. Phoenix1, now rebranded as Sentinels, never really found much success during their time in the LCS. However, the one split they finished in the top three was when their ADC, Arrow, won MVP and earned his place among the top 5 LCS MVPs on our list. In an ADC meta filled with utility marksmen like Ashe and Jhin, Arrow managed to outshine the rest of the competition, smurfing with his Varus and Ezreal picks.

Living up to the title he earned, P1’s success was entirely reliant on Arrow’s success. Often, if Arrow did not have a fantastic game at least, Phoenix1 was not very likely to win the game. You might look to blame the losses on his “inability” to carry when behind, but in reality, Arrow’s dominance on a struggling team truly showcased his capabilities and determination.  With that said, compared to the previously mentioned MVPs, Arrow played a much more significant part in his team’s success.

1. 2014 Spring: TSM Bjergsen

Top 5 Lcs Mvps
Photo Via Riot Games
MVP Split Stats

Solo Kills: 33 (1st)

[email protected]: 177 (1st)

[email protected]: 355 (1st)

[email protected]: 7.5 (1st)

Finally, who else but the BjergerKing himself. Of his four MVPs, I decided to place his first one at the top (I guess bottom in this format) of the list for his performance and impact on the region. When TSM signed Bjergsen, many fans were excited for the young prospect due to his performance in EU LCS with the Copenhagen Wolves. In his first LCS split, Bjergsen dumpstered the region. He led the LCS in laning stats, and solo kills for his role. WildTurtle helped carry the team alongside him, but in reality, their 2nd place finish would have vanished if not for him.

The friendliest face, hid the most menacing player in the LCS. It would be absurd for us to not include an all-time great player who earned multiple trophies and MVP honors. Because his ruthless performance in 2014 was the debut of a legendary career in LCS, Bjergsen’s first MVP crowns the top 5 LCS MVPs of all time.

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