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Top 5 Worlds Songs

Top 5 LoL Worlds Songs

Since the 2014 League of Legends Worlds Championships, a “Worlds song” has been produced annually to hype the much anticipated global tournament. With the release

Top 5 Lcs Mvps

Top 5 LCS MVPs of All-Time

With the final week of LCS Summer Playoffs behind us, so comes the much-awaited results of the split MVP: TSM Spica. Competing for the MVP

Top 5 LCS Dardoch Teams

All Photos via Riot Games Following his benching and subsequent removal from Dignitas, Joshua “Dardoch” Harnett has joined Immortals as their assistant coach for the

Top 5 Best LoL Podcast

Top 5 Best League of Legends Podcasts

Whether you are a League of Legends (LoL) esports fanatic or just a casual player wanting to kick-back and tune in, there are plenty of

Best Worlds Play-Ins Matches article cover

Worlds 2020 Best Play-Ins Matches

The Worlds ’20 Play-Ins has been called the most competitive year since Worlds began, with the teams from minor regions stepping up big time! We

is esports a sport

Top 3 Reasons People Reject Esports

I don’t need to tell you how massive the numbers behind the esports industry have become, but what are the reasons people reject esports? We

Top 5 LCS Teams

Top 5 LCS Teams of All-Time

Michael Jordan’s Bulls. Tom Brady’s Patriots. Blaber’s Cloud9? Each year, there are guaranteed to be new LCS championship teams. However, only every few years do

Top 5 LEC Teams of All-time

Top 5 LEC Teams of All-Time

The Beatles. The Clash. The G2 Esports. Some of the most talented groups of all time have come from Europe. Although all well known, only

Top 5 esports streamers cover image

Top 5 Esports Streamers

Streaming has EXPLODED over the last few years, so we couldn’t resist putting together the ‘Top 5 Esports Streamers’ List. It seems like Twitch, complemented

LoL Esports Stats Sites

Top 5 LoL Esports Stat Sites

Stats are such a massive part of the professional LoL industry, even larger than you know, as they are utilized by a variety of people