Patch Notes

Fantasy Updates Coming in 2021

The E1 Fantasy Season returns on the 13th of January 2021! Remember how fun E1 Fantasy was in 2020? Well, forget it all, because this

Patch notes 1.3 e1 fantasy

Product Updates: July 2020

For our July updates, there are some awesome additions to the platform including a rule change (you’ll love this) and player alert icons! Get ready

Patch Notes 1.2

Product Updates: March 2020

Wow, Patch Notes 1.2 is a BIG ONE! We have rolled out some amazing features including live scoring, social sharing and lineup comparisons.

Patch Notes 1.1 Cover Image E1 Fantasy

Product Updates: February 2020

Patch Notes 1.1 is super exciting as we get to announce the Open Beta for Esports One Esports One is now open to the world!

Product Updates: January 2020

E1 Fantasy Patch Notes for the 1/31. We discuss scoring updates, FAQ, our Discord Bot and list the bugs we fixed over the past week.