Don’t Count Out Goldenglue

JonnytheAussie sat down with Goldenglue from the Golden Guardians after their loss to TSM. Often players aren’t in great spirits after a loss, but GoldenGlue

Is Shernfire Feeling The Pressure?

I sat down with Team Liquid’s Shernfire to discuss his entry into the LCS, filling in for Broxah and the challenges he has faced so far. You

Huni’s Rival Is Huni

Dignitas’ decision to build their roster around Huni has proven to be a very successful decision so far in 2020 as Dignitas sits at 3-1.

Vulcan in easy mode interview

Vulcan in Easy Mode

Before Vulcan in easy mode, he played for Clutch Gaming (now Dignitas) in 2019! Vulcan proved throughout the Summer split and the historic Gauntlet Run that