Esports Year In Review 2020

We take a look back on how 2020 affected the esports scene for League of Legends, CS:GO, Valorant, and Dota 2. In a year when

Top Fantasy Performers of ’19

We look at the E1 Fantasy top performers in the LEC & LCS for 2019! Use this article to help with setting up your lineup in week 1!

Fantasy Preview: Team Vitality

After a less than ideal 6th place finish in Summer split, Vitality replaced over half of their roster in hope of getting back to their winning ways. Instead of signing established veterans, Vitality chose to fill their team with players who will be making their LEC debut.

Fantasy Preview: MAD Lions

This most recent offseason was a transformative one for MAD Lions both in terms of their brand and their LEC roster. They rebranded from Splyce to MAD Lions, and they replaced 4 of their 5 players from last Summer with amateur talents who have little to no major region experience.

Fantasy Preview: SK Gaming

SK Gaming hope to turn around their poor performances last year with two roster changes in the jungle and support positions.

Fantasy Preview: Rogue

Rogue steadily got better during 2019 between Spring and Summer split. In 2020, they look to continue that trend with only one off-season change.