2020 LCS summer split

power rankings guide

Introducing The Esports One
Power Rankings Guide

The Power Rankings featured are a combined effort of multiple industry leading experts obsessing over and weighing the skill level of every single player in the scene. This group includes our entire E1 Data Science team, featuring Oracle’s Elixir Founder Tim Sevenhuysen, and we got some help from all LoL addicts at Inven Global. These rankings are not based on positions, instead just comparing the skills of every player in each region. We spam VoDs and crunch stat tables to determine these so you don’t have to!

Every LCS Team & Player

Just because we can’t get enough LoL, we created two separate guides: one for LCS and another for LEC. Within each guide, every player has their own statistics and unique insights shown, and we Power Rank every player and team within their Region. It doesn’t matter if you praise EU or meme on NA, we have the guide for you.

The esports one LCS

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