We are now through three weeks of Fantasy LoL season. Golden Guardians and Team Liquid have the same record and Misfits pulled the turnaround of the century, looking like a true LEC contender. We have learned a lot about players this season but so has the E1 Fantasy Salary calculation system. With more and more info at its disposal, it is getting tougher to beat the system and find those clear busts candidates or deep sleepers… But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t still try!(Sleepers & Busts).

  • Sleeper: Player that is low price or an unpopular selection that will greatly outperform their perceived value
  • Bust: Player that is priced highly or expected to be chosen frequently that will not score enough points to make the investment worthwhile

Top Laners

Sleeper: TL Impact $250,000 vs IMT & CLG

Impact’s fantasy stock has taken the Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne path and has gone “down down down down down.” Once celebrated as one of the three best Tops in Fantasy LoL, Impact is now priced down to an average player. Team Liquid has been tough to watch so far, but Impact is about to receive the ‘Broxah Effect,’ an effect that pushed Fnatic’s Bwipo to the #1 Fantasy Top Laner rank.(surprised to see Impact on this side of the sleepers & busts list?) .

Bust: FNC Bwipo $300,000 vs VIT & MAD

Speaking of Bwipo, his stock isn’t dropping as Jay Sean-fast as Impact, rather more of the “not mad but disappointed” Dad route. After leading the position in ‘19 Bwipo’s numbers have fallen off and it is really his historical success and team context that is keeping his salary inflated. He has yet to earn a $300,00 pricetag.


Sleeper: 100 Meteos $190,000 vs DIG & FLY

Meteos checks off every box you could hope for. Winnable matchups? Yes. Discounted price? Yes. Talent? Yes! But we haven’t seen as much of that talent lately. The apparel company has teased us with their potential, but Ssumday’s flashes of success bodes well for his and Meteos’ fantasy future as matchups soften.

Bust: TSM Dardoch $260,000 vs C9 & FLY

Fantasy LoL can be exhausting and confusing. One week a Sleeper, next week a Bust. Dardoch has benefitted from racking up assists and has yet to put together a weekend of two amazing performances. He usually pops off in one of the wins and coasts in the other game. Now with one of the matchups against a C9 team that is destroying everything in their path, it is a coin flip as to whether Game 2 will be a pop off or a coast type of game.

Mid Laners

Sleeper: GG Goldenglue $180,000 vs CLG & DIG

Goldenglue told us in a Saturday interview (link to GG interview article) that GG was going to beat Team Liquid on Monday, and then GG went ahead and beat Team Liquid. You don’t get points for predictions by players, but it does show that Goldenglue is confident in his team and they are starting to play up to it. GG and GG (Goldenglue) have two winnable matchups on the slate, making his price look like a deal.

Bust: CLG Crown $190,000 vs GG & TL

I know it is odd to see a Bust under $200k, but this is a cautionary tale. Crown had a HUGE Week 3, validating the preseason hype that some analysts put on the player (raises hand). However, ALL of that production came in a ridiculous win vs EG where Crown went 10/4/9 and was part of 19 of CLG’s 23 kills. That will never happen again, so don’t blindly jump back on the bandwagon because of it.

Bot Laners

Sleeper: IMT Altec $180,000 vs TL & EG

You look at the cheap Bot options, and Altec definitely stands out as the highest points/game player (23.6). IMT is shockingly in 2nd place in LCS and Altec has proven not to have any rust from his 2019 hiatus. Both reasons why his price was being suppressed has been disproven, so take advantage of the discount before everybody else realizes it. (it must feel good to see Altec on this side of the sleepers & busts).

Bust: TL Doublelift $270,000 vs IMT & CLG

If Impacts stock was “down down down,” Doublelifts has been more of a Tom Petty “Free Fallin’.” The face of the LCS has had a difficult 2020 as Team Liquid has fallen to 2-4. There is hope for the team with Broxah joining the team, but that won’t solve DL’s biggest struggle; fitting into the current meta. He locks in Senna, almost because he feels like he has to, and just doesn’t shine on the champion. He is too talented to not figure it out, but don’t expect it to go 0-11 real quick. (Doublelift fans won’t like to see Patrik on this side of the sleepers & busts).


Sleeper: GG Keith $80,000 vs CLG & DIG

I take full responsibility for this turnaround! After bringing some light to Keith’s “impressively unfortunate” stats of 2020 in last week’s Bust column, I now see hope in Keith after a very strong win over TL. Don’t get your expectations super high, he is still learning the new role, but a player priced at $80,000 provides SO MUCH flexibility. Sometimes playing Fantasy LoL is like picking petals off of a flower and saying ‘I love you, I love you not,’ and Keith has the correct petal this week. (it feels good to see an GG player on this side of the sleepers & busts list).

Bust: FNC Hylissang $280,000 vs VIT & MAD

Similar to Bwipo at the start of the article, Hylissang’s price does not reflect the amount of disappointment in 2020. It is already tough to pay this much for the lowest scoring position, but then you factor in the fact that he is averaging less than 10 points/game, and it appears completely foolish.


Sleeper: Dignitas $170,000 vs 100 & GG

Cheap team with a chance at a 2-0 weekend that you don’t have to squint to see? Sign me up! Sometimes Fantasy LoL is as simple as that. DIG came out SO HOT in Week 1, like Hansel from Zoolander hot, but has recently cooled down. You can say ‘slump’ or ‘fluke start’ but you cannot deny the upside that the determined squad has shown.

Bust: Team Liquid $270,000 vs IMT & CLG

TL bust? But the matchups are so winnable! Hmm that sounds familiar… Maybe that is what you said last week when TL had 100 & GG on the slate? Learn from your mistakes!


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