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CommunityBeyond Discount Cards are a unique marketing tool used by businesses throughout Ryde and Hunters Hill local government area. They give your business instant access to thousands of members living and shopping local and help introduce word-of-mouth advertising. Businesses do not pay to be included — they are chosen based on awards, reviews and personal recommendations.


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What type of customer do CommunityBeyond Discount Cards reach?

•CommunityBeyond Discount Cards are provided to local schools, preschools, sports clubs, etc who sell them as a fundraiser.

•From time to time, free trial CB Discount Cards are distributed to local residents through letter box drop-off or at local festivals(e.g. Granny Smith Festival).

What do I need to do to be included?

•To be included, your business provides a one-time introductory incentive( for example: a voucher, a discount with a maximum value, etc), which is designed to motivate our card holders to try your business. All offers will be customised to suit your business needs

•Customers who are impressed by their experience with your business will generate positive word-of-mouth advertising. And they will be more likely to return as regular full-paying customers.

What benefits can I get from it?

  • Your business gains exclusive access to a highly affluent, socially active market.
  • Your participation sends a message to local residents that you value their business and are supportive of the local community.


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