Lcs Off-season Roster Changes For 2022

LCS Off-Season Roster Changes for 2022

After an LCS year filled with roster changes and drama, how could the offseason be any different? After North America’s relatively respectable showing at Worlds

Lec Off-season Roster Moves For 2022

LEC Off-Season Roster Changes For 2022

Once again, it’s that time of the year. When Europe loses some of its best and brightest to the retirement home across the pond. When

Worlds 2021 Finals Preview: Dk Vs Edg

Worlds 2021 Finals Preview: DK vs EDG

To be entirely realistic, DAMWON KIA is the heavy favorite for the finals. They were dominant throughout the whole tournament, only struggling against a massively

Worlds 2021 Quarterfinals Preview: T1 Vs. Hle

Worlds 2021 Quarterfinals Preview: GEN vs C9

When this matchup was drawn, both teams were ecstatic because both teams got their ideal opponent. For GEN, they pulled the perceived weakest second seed.

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