OneBot Discord Predictions

Prove your League of Legends knowledge. Compete with friends in your Discord server predicting pro LCS & LEC matches!

Need help with OneBot? Join our Discord server and ask for help in the #support channel.

Predict LoL Matches With Your Server

Connect OneBot to a channel in your server, and the helpful little guy will send new matches for everyone in your server to predict whenever there are LCS or LEC games being played.

Command: 1!setup

Use this command to connect one of your server Channels with OneBot and start receiving matches to predict.

Compete to Earn Coins & Top the Leaderboard

Earn coins for each prediction you make and compete with everyone in your Discord server to top the leaderboard!

Command: 1!standing

Use this command to see a leaderboard of everyone predicting LCS and LEC matches in your Discord server.

Customize Your Predictions Profile

Spend the coins you earn in the Profile Shop to unlock cool LCS/LEC backgrounds for your profile!

Command to view Profile: 1!profile

Choose from LCS/LEC team backgrounds, show off your favorite region, or even the champ you main.

How to Get Started

1. Add OneBot to Your Discord Server

Just click the button below to invite OneBot to your server. Be sure to authorize the permissions OneBot requests – he needs them to function properly!

2. Setup a Channel For Predictions

Use the 1!setup command in one of your server channels and follow the instructions to connect a channel with OneBot to receive predictions.

3. Wait For Some Predictions

Once you see the “Predictions Enabled” success message, you just need to wait for OneBot to send predictions!

OneBot sends new matches to predict 24 hours before a day of LCS or LEC matches.