For those focused on Fantasy LEC, you’ll love this LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 5 Spring 2020, Fnatic blast their way into the top scorers this week with a clean 2-0 weekend against tough opponents that yielded LOTS of kills. For those Fantasy LCS fan boys, Cloud9 once again continued to dominate the LCS, with Flyquest actually making a case for the definitive second best team in the league (sorry Team Liquid, you’re old news!). 

Top Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Bwipo absolutely crushed every other top laner in points scored with his two monstrous games in Week 5. In Game 1, he picked a champion that hasn’t seen the top lane in years, none other than the secret weapon himself, Zac. Rogue clearly wasn’t ready for Bwipo’s Zac to bounce all over them, and he finished that game 4-2-13 with 236 CS. His second game saw him secure 7 kills for himself on Pantheon (shout out to the Pantheon spear execute damage!) which helped him coast to an easy 70 points across both games. Spoiler alert: all of Fnatic’s players were Top Scorers this week.
  • Despite going 1-1 with his team in Week 5, Huni still secured a spot in the top 5 scorers mainly due to his great game versus Immortals. In that game, Huni’s Mordekaiser dealt the second most damage to champions (right behind Froggen), and had a KDA of 5-1-9 with 280 CS, good for 33.1 points. This single game accounted for 83% of his total points in Week 5, with his second game versus a surging Team Liquid not panning out nearly as good.

Junglers (Top Scorers)

  • For the second week in a row, someone has taken the number one spot away from Jankos as G2 had another rather shaky week. The player taking up the reigns this time of course, is Fnatic’s new jungler Selfmade. Seflmade got the most he could out of Fnatic’s 2-0 weekend, with a combined KDA of 8-4-22 across both games for a total of  57.17 points. The way things are playing out at the moment with Team Liquid struggling, it seems Fnatic is not missing Broxah at all.
  • Even on a 1-1 week, Xerxe still put up the big fantasy score that we have come to expect from him. In his match against SK Gaming (tied for 9th place), he picked Nidalee, a champion known for their feast or famine playstyle, and SK put out a whole feast for him. After just that single match, Xerxe’s 6-0-9 KDA and 235 CS earned him 36.2 points. Most players don’t even earn that much after two full games, but Xerxe got the job done in just one so we have to highlight him in the LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 5 Spring 2020.

Mid Laners (Top Scorers)

  • PowerOfEvil came out of nowhere in Week 5 to claim the top spot while the usual suspects were absent. PowerofEvil has put up modest scores amidst Flyquest’s win streak, but he absolutely popped off in his most recent two games. The lion’s share of his points came from his Corki game against CLG, where he got 8 kills and 402 CS while also dealing the most damage to champs in the game BY FAR. He was awarded the LCS Player of the Week award for Week 5, and deservedly so.
  • Coming off of their huge underdog win against G2 in Week 4, everyone was waiting to see if this reinvigorated Schalke 04 would continue to win, or return to losing every game once again. To alot of people’s surprise, Schalke had another 1-1 week that could have very easily been a 2-0 with their close match versus Excel. Abbedagge claimed most of his points while playing Viktor against Vitality (for sure the worst team in the LEC now) in what was a rather convincing 31 minute victory.

Bot Laners (Top Scorers)

  • If you thought the gap between Bwipo and the other LCS/LEC top laners was big in Week 5, just take a gander at the 31 point gap between Rekkles and the next closest scoring bot laner. Rekkles became the highest Top Scorer when he had what was probably one of the best weekends of his entire career, with a combined statline of 19-2-13, 682 CS, and a pentakill to top it all off. Anyone who decided to pick him despite Fnatic’s harder than usual schedule was handsomely rewarded for the risk.
  • Normally Zven is left out of the top performers discussion because he’s consistently worthy of the title, but he’ll get the spotlight this week. His first game was rather standard, a quick 26 minute stomp with a traditional ADC like Varus, but things got a little weird for Game 2. To circumvent the recent Senna nerfs that prevent her from getting more souls while last hitting creeps, Zven built the AD support item and gave up his farm in the early game to Vulcan. Despite losing points by not farming, Zven still found 8 of C9’s 10 kills during that game, and his number two spot speaks for itself.

Supports (Top Scorers)

  • Similar to his teammate Xerxe, Destiny’s game 1 performance was enough to get him comfortably into the top 5. If you saw a score line of 2-1-12, you wouldn’t immediately attribute that to a support, yet that’s Destiny’s KDA from his match against SK Gaming. Origen ended Week 5 tied for 1st place despite dropping a game to Fnatic.


  • G2 decided to lose to yet another lower tier team, and Kaiser reaped the benefits of this rather bloody upset match. On Taric for that game, Kaiser had 89% kill participation, and his 1-2-16 KDA with 32 CS netted him 25.64 points. 


  • For the fourth week this split, Cloud9 once again are the highest scoring LCS/LEC team. Even though their players weren’t the absolute highest scorers in their role, as a team they checked all the boxes for scoring big. Each game saw Cloud9 kill 4 dragons and 1 baron, with each victory coming in less than 30 minutes. On easy 2-0 weeks, Cloud9 appear unbeatable in the team score department.
  • Flyquest was hot on Cloud9’s heels with a 2-0 of their own in Week 5, but their victories were just a tad bit less polished. Only one of them was under 30 minutes, and they only secured 1 baron across both games. However, this was a good showing for a team that was modestly priced ($250,000) and had a rather easy schedule (GG and CLG).

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