In the LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 4 Spring 2020, Misfits and Schalke 04 defied all the odds and both defeated G2, who many thought could easily end the split at 18-0, and this was very obviously reflected in the top 5 scorers of each position.Across the pond, Cloud9 stil continues to run over anyone that dares challenge them  , while Flyquest made a resurgence and the Golden Guardians showed signs of life, going 2-0 for the first time this split.

Top Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Only one of the players in this top 5 was expected to be here when Week 4 was all said and done, and that was Licorice. The remaining 4 players all stepped up huge for their teams to earn their spots in the top 5. The highest scorer of the week, Alphari, most certainly deserved to be at the very top. His Camille game against Excel on day 2 was one of the best individual performances from a player all split. With a KDA of 9-1-8 and 321 CS, Alphari earned 44.42 points in that SINGLE game, incredible. 
  • Dan Dan of Misfits, and Odoamne of Schalke 04 both earned their spots by defeating G2 and looking good while doing it. Going into Week 4, many thought Misfits had a slight chance of beating G2, while nobody thought Schalke 04 even had a shot. Both proved the doubters wrong, and their players reaped the rewards of a well earned victory over the world finalists. Hauntzer also managed to sneak his way onto the list after a clean 2-0 weekend out of Golden Guardians against CLG and DIG.

Junglers (Top Scorers)

  • Despite Fnatic going 1-1 during a week where they were expected to 2-0, Selfmade still managed to score incredibly well. This was to the detriment of his teamates however, with Selfmade being the only Fnatic member to make the top 5 of their position. As expected, Blaber has returned after yet another dominate 2-0 out of Cloud9 in Week 4.
  • Xerxe joins his teammate Alphari in claiming the number one spot in their position. Xerxe’s Karthus pick against MAD Lions on day 1 was great for his KDA, with him finishing the game 8-0-4 (who needs Karthus passive anyway?). Razork is in the top 5 for a third week in a row, after many thought he (and Misfits as a whole) would flop this split. He had a great KDA of 8-2-6 as Ekko vs G2, arguably carrying his team to victory. Also, Santorin found his was back into the top 5 after their 2-0 weekend against TSM and 100T. LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 4 Spring 2020.

Mid Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Week after week, Nisqy was always just outside the top 5 or at the very bottom of it, but after Week 4, Nisqy is alone at the top with about 10 points separating him from the next highest scorer. Nisqy had a good game on Qiyana against TSM on day 1, then absolutely popped off on Cassiopeia versus Evil Geniuses on Monday Night League. 
  • For many of the same reasons as their teammates being in the top 5 of their position, PowerOfEvil, Goldenglue, Febiven, and Abbedagge all earned their spots this week. PowerOfEvil’s Syndra farmed so many kills and assists in a 47 minute game versus TSM. Goldenglue held down the fort for NA mid laners with his dominating performance on Cassiopeia versus CLG on day 1. Febiven actually didn’t do that great in the game against G2, but aganst Vitality the next day, he played LeBlanc to the tune of a 8-1-2 KDA and 317 CS. Finally, Abbedagge, unlike Febiven, got most of his points in Week 4 from the G2 game, finishing the match with a 6-3-8 KDA and 413 CS.

Bot Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Despite Zven’s unfortunate second LCS death this split, he still crushed it in fantasy points. Steering away from Senna for a bit, he played two traditional bot lane carries, Miss Fortune and Varus. Zven demonstrated that no matter the playstyle, his KDA will still reign supreme at the end of the day. His combined KDA for both games was 12-1-13.
  • Bvoy is once again securely in the top 5, and this time it was on a week where Misfits squared off against G2 and WON. It now seems that the Misfits players are here to stay in the top 5. WildTurtle returns to the top 5 after a couple of weeks where Flyquest seemed to be faltering, Upset is back in the top 5 after Origen’s clean 2-0 Week 4, and FBI makes his debut top 5 appearance after Golden Guardians also had a clean 2-0 Week 4.

Supports (Top Scorers)

  • Perhaps the biggest surprise of the top 5 supports is Ignar leading everyone this week, akin to his previous dominance in 2019. Ignar’s ability to remain a top scoring support despite changing teams and region is a testament to how dependable he is. Most of his points in Week 4 came from his 1-1-19 Yuumi game against TSM (that champion is definitely not broken :)).
  • Kaiser was the only player from MAD lions to snag a spot in the top 5 this week, which is interesting considering MAD Lions lost rather convincingly against OG on day 1. His incredible 2-0-18 performance on Rakan against Fnatic was able to catapult him into the top 5 however. Denyk rode off the back of Razork’s insane carry performance against G2 to get his top 5 spot, and Destiny also rode the Origen 2-0 wave.


  • The most interesting top 5 team here is definitely Rogue. Even though Rogue didn’t have any players in the top 5 of their position, as a team they were the second highest scorers. This can be explained by their two incredibly convincing wins against SK and S04 that were low in kills but high in objective focused gameplay.
  • Misfits claimed the top spot by destroying every tower, slaying at least 3 dragons, as well as 2 barons, in both of their games, with one of them being under 30 minutes. Cloud9 returns once again, just not at the top spot this time. While they certainty dominated their competition, they were slightly edged out by Rogue and Misfits. Origen’s abundance of kills that netted all but one of their players a top 5 spot also translated to a high team score, and the same goes for Golden Guardians.

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