LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 3 Spring 2020 is Here!…Cloud9 and G2 once again stomped all the competition, while some new faces defied all expectations and earned their spot at the top. Team Liquid is still struggling to get by, (why do they keep picking Senna for Doublelift?) and the hype of some previously mediocre teams subsided. If any of these players were on your roster for Week 3, chances are you did pretty well, so congratulations! If not, that’s okay! There’s always next week, and with how unpredictable some teams have been, anything can happen!

Top Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Broken Blade was ONCE AGAIN the highest scoring top laner across the LCS and LEC this week. Following TSM’s recent rise from the dead, he’s been absolutely crushing it every game. His Qiyana game was especially impressive, where he got to show off his skills acquired from playing the champion in the top lane when she was first released last year, and he had a 9-3-7 KDA to show for it.
  • Dan Dan from Misfits surprisingly returned to the top 5 list this week. Many thought last week’s impressive performance from Misfits was a fluke but they proved everyone wrong when they took down Origen, a team many had in the top 3 before the split started. Another zero to hero story is Ruin, who also came out of nowhere. CLG was 0-4 coming into the week, but they managed to rally together and go 1-1, with his first game on Soraka (yes, you read that right, she’s a meta top laner now) netting a massive 36.86 points.,

Junglers (Top Scorers)

  • Once again, Jankos and Blaber put up the points that everyone expected from them. If you were to combine both of their KDAs from this weekend, you’d get 21-5-36, which is just disgusting. They both played the gank heavy predator Gragas in their first game, then Jankos played Elise, whereas Blaber opted for Lee Sin. It’s known that both of the champions are no stranger to securing kills for themselves, and Jankos/Blaber utilized this fact well.
  • After not showing up in the top 5 last week despite Misfits’ breakout weekend, Razork earned his spot with another upset weekend. At some point, we’ll have to stop calling them upsets, and start calling them expected victories, because they’ve been good for a couple of weeks now. CLG’s 1-1 week was also kind to Wiggily, who scored major points off of the first game of the week versus Evil Geniuses. It seems this split that the only thing that EG have been geniuses of is ways to give the enemy team lots of fantasy points.

Mid Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Even though G2 had a tougher week than in Weeks 1 & 2, Perkz was still was miles ahead of the other mid laners in points scored. It’s appropriate that he played Sett in the first game considering how he completely bullied the enemy carries every team fight and overpowered anyone that stood in his way. The lion’s share of points came from this game, with the rest coming in a clean Ryze game with few mistakes against Fnatic the next day.
  • Reminding us of the mid laner that was instrumental in 3-0’ing SKT in the worlds finals a couple years ago, Crown showed up huge this week. Ruin and Wiggily earned their top 5 spots with an insane amount of assists, and many of those assists were for kills that Crown secured. After just one game, Crown had already acquired 44.98 points, which allowed him to still make top 5 with an underwhelming second game. Febiven and Mickey showing up once again begs the question ‘what teams really make up the second tier of LEC teams?’…

Bot Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Upset earned his spot in the top 5 this week after an absolutely monstrous performance on Senna against Vitality. If the nameplates were turned off, you’d probably think you were watching a replay of one of the Week 2 Cloud9 games considering his deathless KDA and perfect positioning in fights. This game alone was almost enough to get him into the top 5, which is good for him because he didn’t find any kills the next day against Misfits, and mainly found points by farming and picking up a couple of assists. I guess you could say Upset was “upset” about his performance against Misfits, but anyone who picked him won’t be 🙂
  • Making his first appearance in the top 5, Carzzy had a great week with MAD Lions, where they steamrolled SK and toppled over the hyped up Rogue. Stixxay also had a breakout performance with CLG this week. In the game that netted CLG players so many points, Stixxay had a KDA of 9-0-7, which is definitely worthy of a top 5 spot. LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 3 Spring 2020.

Supports (Top Scorers)

  • For the third week in a row, Mikyx stands tall over every other support in the LCS/LEC. In their match against Fnatic, Mikyx racked up 18 assists, which translated to 27 points (more than half of his total points on the week). Despite having a harder schedule than usual, Mikyx and G2 as a whole still managed to score big, which is a great sign for anyone looking for players that give guaranteed points every week.
  • Once again, Biofrost had a great week as TSM continues to prove that their slow start is not indicative at all of their team’s strength. Zeyzal sneaked his way in after EG’s bounce-back game against Flyquest, where he went deathless and helped out with 12 kills, picking up 2 for himself. 


  • Cloud9 just seems to not be able to stop winning, and in dominating fashion every time. They easily bowled over Flyquest and Dignitas, the two teams everyone was hyping up to take Team Liquid’s place as Cloud9’s challengers this split. At this pace, they will easily be the highest scoring team on average when all is said and done. Who needs the Summer Split MVP when you have the 20 year old whiz-kid formerly named after a fish?
  • The rest of the list is surprising to anyone that hasn’t been following the LCS/LEC in recent weeks, and maybe even to some people that have. Immortals, CLG, and MAD Lions came out of absolutely nowhere to beat out the usual heavy hitters like G2, Fnatic, and Team Liquid in points scored. The landscape of the LCS/LEC has turned out to be quite different than what people were originally predicting, and it’s making for some spicy upsets.

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