The LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 2 Spring 2020 is yelling T-S-M! T-S-M! You can still hear them chant loud and proud, forgetting Week 1 ever happened. Week 2 of the LCS and LEC saw TSM and Fnatic return to form, Misfits burst into the playoff race, and Cloud9/G2 distance themselves from the pack even more. But let’s focus on what really matters(Top Scorers)… which players finished atop the fantasy leaderboard?

Top Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Dan Dan went from being the lowest scoring top laner in Week 1 to the second highest scoring top laner in Week 2! Misfits’ schedule this weekend was much easier than Week 1, but nobody expected them to be able to rack up this many points, even versus the bottom tier LEC teams. Oddly enough, Dan Dan’s lane opponent in game 2, Expect, found himself at number 4 on the list. Despite Expect’s poor performance in the second game of the week, his pop off Gangplank game (4/1/9) was enough to secure his spot in the top 5 (top scorers).
  • After a really disappointing Week 1 for Broken Blade and TSM, the Turkish top laner earned his spot as the highest scorer among all Top Laners this week. TSM’s victories against Evil Geniuses and CLG showed that Week 1 was just a fluke. The rest of the list is less surprising, with Licorice and Wunder rounding out the top 5. Licorice scored the highest of the two thanks to his strong performances on both Camille and Gangplank being even further elevated by Cloud9’s stomping of both games.

Junglers (Top Scorers)

  • An Excel player once again finds themselves in the top 5 of another position. Caedrel’s 2-1-13 KDA on Gragas in his first game of the weekend helped him secure the number 4 spot despite his less than ideal performance on Jarvan IV the next day. After only managing to score 16 points last week, Dardoch slid into the number 5 spot when TSM came roaring back to even their record back up to 2-2. Many people believed that if Dardoch didn’t find success with TSM immediately, he would stay tilted and never have a good showing, but this proves that Dardoch can be resilient even after an 0-2 week.
  • As expected, Jankos and Blaber claimed the number one and two spots in the top 5. Despite facing a surging Origen, Jankos was still able to earn a 4-3-14 KDA on Lee Sin, and Blaber racked up 11 kills (33 points in kills alone!) across both of his games.

Mid Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Perkz absolutely dominated in points scored this weekend, with two monstrous performances on Lucian and Leblanc. He had a 7-0-7 and 9-2-9 KDA with each respectively. Maybe he saw Caps’ 90 point performance in Week 1 and figured it was his turn to score near 100. At this pace, Perkz will undoubtedly be the highest scoring mid most weeks and will earn his high salary (surprised to see Perks as #1 on the Top Scorers list?) .
  • Once again, Misfits and Excel representatives are in the top 5 for yet another position. The high kill matches that both Febiven and Mickey played this weekend fed into them having the second and third highest scores respectively. Also, Bjergsen proved that Week 1 wasn’t representative of how strong TSM is, finding his way into the top 5 after only dying once between the two games, with a combined 8 kills and 17 assists.

Bot Laners (Top Scorers)

  • Week 2 was quite the shakeup in the bot lane position in terms of who scored the highest. After not being in the top 5 at all last week, Zven foud himself at the number one spot following two deathless Senna games where he had a combined 12 kills and 19 assists. Caps was the only one who made it back onto the list, but just barely. His first match of the week on Aphelios was good, but it only netted him 16.08 points as all the kills ended up going to Perkz great showing for the LoL Fantasy Top Scorers Week 2 Spring 2020.
  • Other newcomers to the list this week are none other than Rekkles from Fnatic, Kobbe from TSM, and Bvoy from Misfits. Wait who was that third name…? Rekkles was expected to be here last week, but a slow start from Fnatic prevented that from happening. Despite that, Rekkles came roaring back in his most recent two games with a combined KDA of 14-0-14 on Miss Fortune and Senna. Kobbe managed to find his way into the top 5 with a good performance against CLG during Monday Night League supplementing the points he gathered in his victory over Evil Geniuses the previous day. Bvoy was also a beneficiary of the high kills games that Misfits had, with him having no deaths and an average of 29.30 points per game.

Supports (Top Scorers)

  • Once again Mikyx leads all supports as the highest scorer, being ahead Biofrost by about 10 points. With his $380,000 salary, Mikyx was supposed to finish here and proved that he is the perfectly balance of safety and upside. He played Thresh in both matches, and only died one time, a rare occurrence for a support.  New to the list, Biofrost was able to ride off the back of TSM’s 2-0 this week. TSM’s tendency to play longer games contributed to Biofrost’s ability to keep racking up assists as the game kept slogging on.
  • Vulcan made the top 5 list after Cloud9’s two dominant victories this week, and Denyk joined his other teammates in scoring within the top 5 of his position. Even though Cloud9 went 2-0 in the Week 1, Vulcan was absent from the top 5 list. He was on the right side of two blowout wins in Week 1 that just didn’t require C9 to pick a lot of fights. In Week 2 however, Cloud9 fought a lot more and it all ran through the new top bot lane in the LCS, Vulcan & Zven. 


  • For the second week in a row, Cloud9 is at the top of all LCS/LEC teams as the highest scorer. They continued their systematic deconstruction of any team in their path, cruising to an easy 2-0 that translated well to fantasy points. True to how last year played out, G2 is at the bottom of the top 5 teams, despite most of their players occupying a number one or two spot in the top 5 of their respective roles (do you think C9 will remain #1 on the Top Scorers list for Week 3?).


  • Last year, Fnatic was the best team in average fantasy points scored per game, so a second place ranking in Week 2 is a good start on their path toward reclaiming that title. A similar narrative can be applied to Team Liquid, with them returning to the top 5 after a disappointing Week 1.

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