For those new to fantasy, Week 1 was a harsh lesson in the world of Sleepers & Busts. FlyQuest and Dignitas fanboys looked like geniuses while Team Liquid and Fnatic fanboys cried themselves to sleep. Well stand up, wipe those tears from your eyes and get your game face on! We are back to it this week and you are going to get the right Sleepers & Busts this week (I can feel it).

  • Sleeper: Player that is low price or an unpopular selection that will greatly outperform their perceived value
  • Bust: Player that is priced highly or expected to be chosen frequently that will not score enough points to make the investment worthwhile

Top Laners

Sleeper: CLG Ruin $190,000 vs 100T & TSM

Remember before the season started when everybody was excited about CLG and predicted them to be a Top 4 again? Jeez does that seem like a long time ago… Well after getting completely embarrassed in Week 1, CLG is trying to earn some respect back. If you believe they can ultimately live up to the preseason hype and that the visa-issue riddled week of prep made their Week 1 showing a fluke, then a player like Ruin is a bargain for you (CLG fans will like to see Ruin on this side of Sleepers & Busts).

Bust: C9 Licorice $300,000 vs IMT & 100T

A strong 2-0 week for C9 only netted Licorice a middling 15.9 pts/g. Even dating back to Summer where Licorice was outside the Top 5 at the position, C9 has never leaned on Licorice to carry from the Top lane. He will be one of the safest options every single week, but he doesn’t quite come with the upside that some of the other expensive Top laners come with. If you are paying top dollar, you want a chance at top scorer (Sorry C9 fan boys, it must be hard to see Licorice on this side of Sleepers & Busts).


Sleeper: 100 Meteos $150,000 vs CLG & C9

This is a simple case of a price reflecting an unsustainable lack of production. 100T had a solid week, went 1-1 but ended with a sour taste in their mouth after getting blown out by EG on Monday. The oddity stat of their weekend was the fact that their Jungler, Meteos, finished the slate with a 33% Kill participation… Without even checking stats, I can tell you there hasn’t been a full time Jungler below 60% in a long time, maybe ever. That KP is not going to stick so neither should his very low price (Sleepers & Busts top sleeper?).

Bust: EG Svenskeren $300,000 vs GG & TSM

EG Svenskeren? I could’ve sworn his name was MVP Svenskeren? Okay not really, but whenever you hear somebody bring his name up you also hear them reference the fact that he won MVP in Summer. That was not Fantasy MVP though, where he wasn’t even Top 3 at the position. His real life perception ends up inflating his price and preventing you from getting value out of him.

Mid Laners

Sleeper: MSF Febiven $120,000 vs SK & XL

Oh hey, I remember Febiven! After being announced as a ‘Flex Mid’ behind Ronaldo in the preseason, Febiven came out and started both games for Misfits in Week 1. He didn’t perform well at all, but that came against Rogue and Fnatic. Week 2 presents two Top 5 matchups for Mids in SK and XL, so hopefully we can see some vintage Febiven.

Bust: RGE Larssen $340,000 vs OG & VIT

Larssen was amazing in Week 1 and earned every penny of his salary and more. His price deserved to go up along with the amount of respect he deserves, but now he is priced as if he needs to improve on that performance. He has the talent to do so, but now has to fight through more difficult matchups to get there.

Bot Laners

Sleeper: 100 Cody Sun $210,000 vs CLG & C9

Death, Taxes and Cody Sun having a pretty KDA. Even after a loss, Cody Sun finished the weekend with a 7.5 KDA, making him a high-floor play at the position. It is still yet to be seen whether Game 1 or 2 better represented 100T, but we know Cody Sun is safe enough where he won’t hurt you and has an upside that matches up with 100 Thieves’.

Bust: DIG Johnsun $270,000 vs TL & FLY

Nobody was a bigger Week 1 breakout than Johnsun! Went from a complete unknown to embarrassing Stixxay and Bang in back to back games. Now I’m not putting him here to stop the hype, but just more point out reasons to be cautious. He now has 2 games above academy under his belt and now has to go up against Doublelift and fellow Week 1 breakout, WildTurtle. I also want the train to keep rolling, but can find lots of reasons why not to pick him.


Sleeper: SK LiMiT $150,000 vs MSF & FNC

You know the buddy system that you used on field trips in elementary school? Well that was actually based off of the rule of Bot Laners & Support’s fantasy scoring correlating with each other. Somebody should tell SK though, because Crownshot was Top 7 at his position while LiMiT was Bottom 7 at his position. Expect these to come closer together, and expect LiMiT to be the one doing the moving.

Bust: OG Destiny $310,000 vs RGE & G2

Origen had an absolute best case scenario Week 1. They had 15 Kills in both their wins and didn’t die more than 5 times in either game. Now they have to face both of the other 2-0 LEC teams. They can really prove themselves this week, but it should be assumed that their K:D Ratio will take a hit this week and Destiny’s production should decrease along with it.


Sleeper: MAD Lions $220,000 vs XL & S04

Still very raw and unknown as a team, we were able to learn a lot about MAD Lions in Week 1. We saw some flashes of talent that earned them a significant lead against G2. Then we saw them put together a strong win against Vitality. The Lions are able to avoid any of the top LEC teams in Week 2, opening up the chance at a 2-0 week or a very competitive 1-1. They would be worth the price with either of those outcomes (Sleeper & Busts top sleeper?).

Bust: Origen $260,000 vs RGE & G2

Like I said earlier with Destiny, Origen had a dream Week 1. This will be a make or break week for the top of the LEC, and I personally don’t see Origen being the squad to come out on top of it all. A 2-0 finish is just as likely as an 0-2 finish, making OG a risky team buy ( We love xPeke sad to see him on this time of Sleepers & Busts).


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