LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 1 Spring 2020. Not necessarily when ordering chinese food, but definitely in building their fantasy League of Legends lineup. With risk comes the opportunity for great reward, finding a sleeper than gives you a ton of points for a cheap price, giving you a massive edge of the competition. However, sometimes that player neatly wrapped as a sleeper may bust your lineup instead and take all your money without giving you nearly enough fantasy production for it… Approach with caution, young grasshopper. Sleepers & Busts are here to stay make sure to make the right choice.

  • Sleeper: Player that is low price or an unpopular selection that will greatly outperform their perceived value
  • Bust: Player that is priced highly or expected to be chosen frequently that will not score enough points to make the investment worthwhile

Top Laners

Sleeper: VIT Cabochard $200,000 vs SK Gaming & MAD Lions

Cabochard was the stable force in the top lane through 2019 and through the massive Vitality roster overhaul. Cabo was comfortably ranked in Top 10 at the position in Summer and starts the 2020 season was beautiful matchups. It won’t be often that you can pick Vitality players for a week where they can go 2-0, so take the deal when it comes. Cabo is the most established VIT player available, making him a good bet to play well above his price.

Bust: EG Kumo $330,000 vs Dignitas & 100 Thieves

Kumo finished as the 2nd highest Top laner of LCS/LEC, but that came in just a 4 game sample size. His potential was on full display, but now on the new EG squad, I don’t expect Kumo to be asked to lead the team in Kills/game again. Kumo’s 4.5 K/g that led all Top Laners and inflated his price will just have to come down, and the points will follow. At the end of the day sleepers & busts are all around us, pick wisely. 


Sleeper: 100T Meteos $180,000 vs Golden Guardians & Evil Geniuses

Nothing went according to plan for OpTic last season, but Meteos was the lone member able to outperform the team’s sub-.500 finish. Now reunited with old Worlds-teammates, Ssumday and Cody Sun, Meteos has the supporting cast to shock the LCS and make his low price look foolish. A Jungle matchup with reigning MVP Svenskeren isn’t ideal, but 100T should be able to stay competitive enough to add on to their big point total from beating Golden Guardians.

Bust: G2 Jankos $410,000 vs MAD Lions & SK Gaming

G2’s matchups are good, but oddly enough they are almost TOO good. Jankos is the most valuable player in all of Fantasy LoL. His ability to score like a Bot laner at a weaker position like Jungler is incredible, but his price reflects it. And now with two matchups that might not even see the 25 minute mark, G2’s dominance will cost Jankos some scoring opportunities, encouraging a pivot for your lineup.

Mid Laners

Sleeper: DIG Froggen $200,000 vs Counter Logic Gaming & Evil Genius

There may be no truer commodity in the LCS than Froggen. He is as dependable as anybody, always looking to carry and is currently coming at a great price. A combination of a poor GG finish and a undervalued Dignitas roster has brought Froggen’s price down, down low enough for you to make a big profit. The matchups don’t look amazing on paper, but the lane matchups do. Froggen takes on a sub in Tuesday in CLG (Tuesday filling in for Crown) and Jizuke, who just finished a whole split averaging more Deaths than Kills hence the call out in the LoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 1 Spring 2020

Bust: SK Jenax $310,000 vs Vitality & G2 Esports

In Summer, Jenax outscored all Mid laners that weren’t named Nemesis on a per game basis. He clearly has the talent to rack up fantasy points in the LEC, but Top 2 is a mighty stretch. Even Top 5 at the loaded position is a stretch. So don’t pay for that ranking, especially when he has to face G2 over the weekend too. Its your call at the end of the day, its hard to really say in a world of sleepers & busts.

Bot Laners

Sleeper: FQ WildTurtle $190,000 vs Immortals & Counter Logic Gaming

The 2019 stats do not paint a pretty picture for WildTurtle, but that is factored into the price. FQ gets a new lane buddy in Ignar, who pushed his last Bot laner, Upset, to the #1 rank of all fantasy players. Turtle will hope for some of that magic in a week that sees one great matchup and a below average one. Even if the majority of his points just come in Game 1, he can still get enough to outvalue his low price.

Bust: TSM Kobbe $320,000 vs Immortals & Team Liquid

Kobbe is a beast, I am not arguing against that. However, he is making his LCS debut, building chemistry with a brand new laning partner and learning teammates he has never played with. And one of his 2 games are against Team Liquid. If you are paying Top 5 price, you need Top 5 production from the beginning to end of both games, and that is a tall ask for Kobbe this week.


Sleeper: CLG Smoothie $210,000 vs Dignitas & FlyQuest

I love the CLG matchups this week and fully expect to see them 2-0 at the weekend’s end. A great strategy to utilize in a set up like this; take predictable points in the predictable matchup to establish a strong floor, allowing you to take risks and spend more on other positions. Supports don’t have the upside of other positions, but the ability to get so many assists makes them nice a safe choice. Pick Smoothie and be able to relax.

Bust: FQ Ignar $300,000 vs Immortals & Counter Logic Gaming

I know I just talked up WildTurtle and Ignar, and I stay by that. However, even though Ignar’s point production was amazing last year with UpseT, I’m not okay with paying for that in 2020. The verdict is still out on whether it was Ignar or UpseT who boosted the other’s points more, but until I see Ignar earn his 2019 ranking, I’m waiting for the price to fall.


Sleeper: Team Vitality $160,000 vs SK Gaming & MAD Lions

When you are shopping for a team at this low of a price, you are just hoping for at least 1 win. But being favored for 1 with a good chance to get another? Now that is how you find value. There is plenty of unknown with Vitality’s new roster, but there is even more unknown in teams like MAD Lions. Take these amazing savings and run. Remember things can change, sleepers & busts can come in different shapes and sizes in theLoL Fantasy Players to Pick and Avoid Week 1 Spring 2020. 

Bust: G2 Esports $320,000 vs MAD Lions & SK Gaming

The fantasy production of G2 Esports as a Team is a little counterintuitive to casual LoL fans. Yes, they are definitely the best team in the LCS or LEC. But that doesn’t always translate to fantasy production. G2 needs to rack up objectives in order to have that success, and they have shown they don’t care to play that way. Now put them in two matchups that could both end before 25 minutes? That is a recipe for a bust.

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