Welcome to the LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 5 Spring 2020! Multiple teams that had previously been under performing stepped up huge, while other previously strong teams faltered. No longer will one huge standout performance completely dominate this article like it has in past weeks (until maybe next week, who knows!).

lol fantasy best and worst performers


Best: DIG Huni $180,000: 39.85 points

  • Even though Dignitas went 1-1 in Week 5, Huni scored massive points in his first game of the week versus Immortals, and was an easy pick for this week’s best performing top laner. On Mordekaiser, he finished the game at 5-1-9 with 280 CS, which amounted to 33.1 points. Even though he could only gather about 7 more points in his match against Team Liquid, scoring near 40 points for the entire week while costing under 200K is incredible value.
  • Honorable Mentions: FNC Bwipo $270,000: 70.38 points. MAD Orome $220,000: 37.48 points. 100T Ssumday $220,000 37.75 points.

Worst: C9 Licorice $340,000: 23.24 points

  • This was a really strange one. Cloud9 of course had yet another 2-0 week, but Licorice was more or less a non-factor in both of their matches. Tthe rest of his team was winning the game for him while he just maintained the 1v1 top lane, and it certainly was a detriment to his KDA. Across both games, Licorice only got 2 kills, died 4 times, and assisted in 8 kills. It isn’t often that a star player on a team that went 2-0 scores this low, yet here we are.
  • Dishonorable Mentions: RGE Finn $260,000: 22.43 points. G2 Wunder $330,000: 27.28 points.


Best: VIT Skeanz $100,000: 33.73 points

  • Vitality finally got their first win in Week 5, and Skeanz reaped the rewards of that 41 minute match with his Gragas pick. He didn’t score nearly as well as the top dogs like Selfmade or Jankos, but scoring over 30 points while costing only 100K is a great amount of value for anyone who tried to get more expensive picks elsewhere.
  • Honorable Mentions: MAD Shadow $200,000: 35.98 points. 100T Meteos $170,000: 33.67 points.

Worst: GG Closer $230,000: 16.45 points

  • Golden Guardians’ recent success inflated the salaries of the players a bit, and this led to disappointment in Week 5. In both matches, Closer had more deaths than kills, and not many assists to make up for it. The only silver lining here is that the matches both ended at about 30 mins, so Closer couldn’t lose even more points.
  • Dishonorable Mentions: RGE Inspired $260,000: 22.58 points. TL Broxah $260,000: 27.40 points.


Best: S04 Abbedagge $190,000: 61.48 points

  • The momentum that Schalke 04 gained from defeating G2 in Week 4 clearly hasn’t subsided just yet. Even though they went 1-1 this week, the combination of a very convincing victory against Vitality and a 47 minute long slug-fest against Excel made for a mid laner who gathered tons of points! Abbedagge was deathless against Vitality, and in the Excel match he finished the game at 5-3-6 with over 450 CS. Those who were perceptive enough to see that Schalke 04 had a decent shot at going 2-0 in Week 5 were rewarded well for their foresight.
  • Honorable Mentions: FLY PowerOfEvil $250,000: 66.88 points. DIG Froggen $250,000: 48.02 points. 100T Ryoma $170,000: 46.54 points.

Worst: XL Mickey $270,000: 25.59 points

  • Even though Excel had to play G2 in Week 5, Mickey’s measly 25 points came as a result of having a bad game versus Schalke 04, despite winning the match in the end. Across both games, Mickey died 11 times, and only secured 4 kills. When a player has more than double the amount of deaths than kills, something definitely went wrong, and for $270,000, it’s even more of a disappointment. Week after week Excel managed to farm points even in defeats, but that trend came to a halt in Week 5.
  • Dishonorable Mentions: OG Nukeduck $260,000: 27.71 points.


Best: FNC Rekkles $310,000: 88.15 points

  • Normally, the best performer of the week in a certain position costs less than 300K, but Rekkles’ insane showing in Week 5 was worthy of the best performer title. Averaging 44 points per game is absolutely INSANE, and even though $310,000 is expensive, he still cost less than Caps and Zven and blew both of them out of the water with ease. Fnatic was firing on all cylinders in Week 5, and Rekkles was at the center of it all. With Nemesis playing Ornn mid in both games, Rekkles was able to scale faster, and ultimately secure more kills (19 in total!) in both games.
  • Honorable Mentions: FLY WildTurtle $220,000: 54.58 points. VIT Comp $130,000: 53.36 points.

Worst: GG FBI $230,000: 20.62 points

  • Right after GG’s first 2-0 weekend,it was looking entirely possible that they could do it again in Week 5 versus Flyquest and 100T, but that turned out to most definitely not be the case. FBI’s combined KDA across both games was 2-6-6, with under 300 CS in both games, which certainly isn’t something worth writing home about. FBI probably wishes he were back in Australia so his KDA could be flipped on its head (because we all know Australia is upside down :)).
  • Dishonorable Mentions: Nobody else really stood out as players with bad value this week’s LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 5 Spring 2020.


Best: VIT Steelback $100,000: 28.46 points

  • Steelback was most definitely not the highest scoring support, in fact he was the 7th highest scoring support, but for $100,000, he absolutely crushed it. Up until Week 5, Vitality still hadn’t had a single victory, on all of their player’s salaries plummeted as a result. But when they finally found their first win against SK Gaming, Steelback scored points equivalent to something you’d expect from a third a fourth place team that went 2-0. The name Steelback is appropriate, considering you’d need a back made of steel to carry a fantasy roster this hard.
  • Honorable Mentions: FNC Hylissang $230,000: 37.18 points. FLY Ignar $240,000: 33.98 points.

Worst: EG Zeyzal $230,000: 10.86 points.

  • Week 5 was a weird one for anyone that picked up alot of players from EG. They actually won against TL, who many thought would finally surge back into form this week, but it was a relatively low kill game. Then against TSM, EG was absolutely demolished, with only 1 kill to their name. Zeyzal had 0% kill participation against TSM, and combined with his low assist game versus TL, not many points were scored. 
  • Dishonorable Mentions: XL Tore $220,000: 10.26 points.


Best: Schalke 04 $140,000: 42 points

  • Schalke 04 was just the gift that kept on giving for anyone building a team with a tight budget in Week 5. Schalke 04 as a team scored big in their victory against Vitality, knocking down almost every tower and securing the standard 4 dragons and a baron. Against Excel, even though they lost, they dragged out the game to 47 minutes and managed to secure 4 dragons (one of them being the elder dragon).
  • Honorable Mentions: Flyquest $250,000: 52 points. Evil Geniuses $210,000: 39 points.

Worst: Immortals $200,000: 5 points

  • As a team, Immortals had an absolutely abysmal weekend. They lost both games rather convincingly, and their only source of points was securing the first tower against Dignitas, and then destroying 3 more across both games. That was it, no dragons, no barons, just objectives gained from mindlessly split pushing.
  • Dishonorable Mentions: Golden Guardians $220,000: 10 points. 
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