Another wild week for the LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 4 Spring 2020. Week 4 was especially crazy in the LEC and it ended with one team DOMINATING….. the duds category. While some teams fell apart, others proved their brief stints of success weren’t just flukes and that they’re here to stay.


Stud: OG Alphari $290,000: 66.44 points

  • Origen’s two convincing wins this weekend catapulted many of their players to stud status this week. Alphari’s Camille game against Excel netted him 27 points in kills alone, and double digit KDAs in both games explain why he was the highest scoring top laner this week. $290,000 is a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth it when you outscore everybody else in your position by almost 20.
  • Other Studs: MSF Dan Dan $220,000: 49.84 points. S04 Odoamne $120,000: 46.54 points. GG Hauntzer $170,000: 43.98 points.

Dud: G2 Wunder $320,000: 19.14 points

  • Wunder will be the first of many G2 duds this week. G2 somehow managed to lose to both Misfits and the previously winless Schalke 04, something nobody expected to happen, not in a million years. Everyone was expecting a slam dunk weekend from the kings of Europe, but this was a complete air ball.
  • Other Duds: CLG Ruin $220,000: 8.62 points. 100T Ssumday $250,000: 20.24 points.


Stud: GG Closer $190,000: 40.20 points

  • Week after week, the Golden Guardians have steadily outperformed expectations. They finally earned a 2-0 weekend, leading to many are considering them to a legit playoff team in the LCS. His two games on Sejuani and Jarvan IV netted double digit combined kills + assists in both games, earning his spot among the top scoring junglers for the week.
  • Other Studs: S04 Lurox $100,000: 31.04 points. MSF Razork $230,000: 46.78 points.

Dud: TL Broxah $290,000: 20.84 points

  • Finally, Broxah has arrived in NA and is ready to save TL from their poor start to the split! …. right? Well no, not really. This weekend should have been an easy 2-0 for the defending champs (with a now “upgraded” jungler), but it ended up being a 1-1 weekend with Broxah looking like the superstar he was on Fnatic. He didn’t pick up a single kill over the weekend, with all of his points coming from assists and CS.
  • Other Duds: G2 Jankos $340,000: 30.56 points.


Stud: S04 Abbedagge $140,000: 47.08 points

  • Abbedagge was a shoe-in for the top stud spot this week, but was definitely not a shoe-in for any lineups… Schalke 0-7 managed to shock the world as they took down G2 in a 42 minute slugfest that netted him 35.26 points. Anybody who thought S04 had a chance against G2 after the FORG1VEN drama was probably just joking, but they somehow managed to pull it off.
  • Other Studs: GG Goldenglue $180,000: 48.26 points. FLY PowerOfEvil $240,000: 57.98 points.

Dud: G2 Perkz $340,000: 32.46 points

  • It’s strange to see a player that scored over 30 points in the duds category, but given just how well Perkz was doing every week in comparison, this was a disappointment. Many people cut deep into their budget for the “guaranteed” points from Perkz and his G2 teammates, but they were very harshly burned after G2’s inexplicable 0-2 weekend.
  • Other Duds: TSM Bjergsen $280,000: 29.74 points. CLG Crown $190,000: 6.78 points.


Stud: FLY WildTurtle $210,000: 56.24 points

  • Flyquest’s explosive start to the split died down after Week 2, but the environmentally friendly squad has stormed back with a vengeance in Week 4. Most of WildTurtle’s points this week came from his revenge-game against TSM that went to almost 50 minutes in length, allowing him to rack up big points from CS, as well as many opportunities to pad his KDA, finishing 7-2-8 on Miss Fortune.
  • Other Studs: MSF Bvoy $230,000: 56.58 points. GG FBI $210,000: 50.76 points.

Dud: G2 Caps $370,000: 19.54 points

  • This week, Caps may have given us the biggest dud of all time. He was by far the most expensive player in both the LCS and LEC, yet he only averaged 9.77 points per game in Week 4. We’re well accustomed to Caps scoring anywhere between 50 and 100 points every week, but despite being against rather easy competition, he didn’t even manage to break 20 points…unlike a few stars in the LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 4 Spring 2020.
  • Other Duds: EG Bang $260,000: 22.78 points


Stud: MSF Denyk $210,000: 34.84 points

  • Another week, another Misfits player being a stud. At first Misfits doing this well seemed like a fluke, but now they’ve performed great for the third week in a row, and beat G2 in the process, they’re starting to look legit!
  • Other Studs: GG Keith $80,000: 21.18 points. S04 Dreams $130,000: 26.26 points.

Dud: G2 Mikyx $310,000: 9.84 points

  • It only makes sense that the support for the team with the most duds is a dud himself. With his teammates not generating many kills, Mikyx was not able to come up with the same amount of points as usual. To put things into perspective, GG Keith, who cost $80,000 going into this week, scored over 10 points more than Mikyx.
  • Other Duds: 100T Stunt $190,000: -4.66 points. SK LiMiT $140,000: 4.90 points. FNC Hylissang $280,000: 16.32 points.


Stud: Golden Guardians $150,000: 53 points

  • Coming out of Week 4, Golden Guardians are no longer looking like the last place team in the LCS, and could very well be in the conversation for a playoff spot. Their 2-0 weekend over CLG and DIG isn’t incredibly impressive, but it’s a good step in the right direction, and it netted them a great deal of fantasy points to boot.
  • Other Studs: Misfits $230,000: 63 points. Flyquest $190,000: 52 points. Schalke 04 $110,000: 35 points.

Dud: G2 Esports $320,000: 27 points

  • Last but not least (actually least though), is G2 as a team being the biggest dud. Normally, even though G2 has the highest scoring players, the team isn’t the highest scoring. This came back to bite them even harder this week, when they didn’t in a single game. The only teams that scored less than them are CLG, 100T, VIT, and SK.
  • Other Duds: 100 Thieves $190,000: 11 points.
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