LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 3 Spring 2020 is a ripper this week. If you want to get the most value out of your 1.5 millions budget, then you’re going to want to pick studs and avoid duds. Studs score high despite their low price, and duds flop even though they’ll eat most of your budget. Some familiar faces made a return this week, with some others showing up in places you’d never expect to see them.

lol fantasy best and worst performers


Stud: CLG Ruin $190,000: 55.37 points

  • Ruin (and CLG as a whole really) showed up to play against Evil Geniuses in their first match of the week. His Soraka top allowed him to have 91% kill participation in a match where CLG got 23 kills in total. Going into the week, Ruin only cost $190,000, which gave anyone who picked him up on a budget really good return on their investment.
  • Other Studs: MSF Dan Dan $180,000: 54.06 points. MAD Orome $220,000: 47.90 points.

Dud: TL Impact $300,000: 18.62 points

  • Anyone who thought that TL would be able to get their stuff together for Week 3 was in for a rude awakening and massive hole in their wallet with almost nothing to show for it. Team Liquid managed to lose to both 100T and GG, teams that normally would have no place even coming close to beating TL, but in this recent slump, anything seems possible against them.
  • More Duds: DIG Huni $230,000: 16.34 points. FLY V1per $240,000: 12.71 points.


Stud: MSF Razork $180,000: 54.45 points

  • Razork is once again an easy pick for a stud this week. Even after Misfits surprised everyone in Week 2 with their breakout games, they proved that it wasn’t just a fluke by easily dispatching the crumbling S04, and trouncing Origen the next day. His price is still low, just under 200K, so the return on investment was too big to ignore. This spot could have very easily gone to CLG Wiggily, but we’re going to need some diversity in these picks, considering how well CLG performed in the other positions.
  • Other Studs: CLG Wiggily $130,000: 49.47 points. 100T Meteos $170,000: 30.91 points.

Dud: FLY Santorin $260,000: 7.61 points

  • Flyquest’s quick LCS and fantasy success seemed almost too good to be true at first, now we know that may have actually been the case. Anyone who costs over 250K and scored in the single digits is an automatic dud, but it was pretty esay to avoid this one in Week 3. FLY had to play both TSM and C9, teams that they don’t have favorable odds against, so chances are most people didn’t elect to draft expensive FLY players on a losing week.
  • More Duds: DIG Grig 140,000: 5.80 points. TL Shernfire $220,000: 21.91 points.


Stud: CLG Crown $140,000: 56.90 points

  • As one of the two carry players on CLG, Crown reaped the benefits of their incredibly bloody game versus Evil Geniuses on Saturday. He played Syndra, and was able to rack up 10 kills in just that single game (that’s worth 30 points alone!). With an average performance on Rumble in game 2, Crown easily had a spot in the top 5 highest scoring mid laners of the week, while costing less than 200K.
  • Other Studs: MSF Febiven $200,000: 50.43 points. MAD Humanoid $190,000: 49.52 points. IMT Eika $130,000: 43.41 points.

Dud: Schalke 04 Abbedagge $230,000: 10.03 points

  • Abbedagge’s price was still a little bit too elevated coming into Week 3, so when they got promptly stomped by Misfits and SK he was a clear pick for the top dud of this week. His Zoe game versus Misfits was especially bad, only managing to score .78 points (the only positive points were from CS). It’s now safe to say that Schalke 04’s gamble to sign popular but risky talent like Gilius and FORG1VEN has not payed off in the slightest.
  • More Duds: FLY PowerOfEvil $240,000: 15.08 points. DIG Froggen $250,000: 16.29 points.


Stud: IMT Altec $180,000: 52.96 points

  • After the first couple weeks of play, many people wrote off IMT as a bottom tier team of washed up pros and an import not yet ready for the LCS stage. But that changed in Week 3 when they managed to put together 2 wins to the tune of great return on investment for each player (Altec being the highest). Stixxay from CLG could have easily been the top stud, as he scored 12 points higher and cost $20,000 less, but for diversity’s sake, Altec will claim the top stud spot.
  • Other Studs: CLG Stixxay $160,000: 66.14 points. MSF Bvoy $180,000: 51.94 points. MAD Carzzy $240,000: 54.22 points.

Dud: TL Doublelift $290,000: 27.59 points

  • I never thought I’d see the day where Doublelift found himself on the duds list, but here we are. Team Liquid went 0-2 this weekend, and this was against teams that everyone expected them to be able to easily beat. However, 100T rolled over them, and Golden Guardians actually looked decent compared to their first two weeks of games. Any team that is making Golden Guardians look decent is doing something wrong, and for TL, that something might be continuing to draft Senna for Doublelift when their playstyle hasn’t adapted to it. While 27.59 points isn’t objectively bad, it’s still much lower than what’s expected of someone that consistently touts the title of best ADC in NA.
  • Other Duds: FLY WildTurtle $230,000: 14.21 points. DIG Johnsun $220,000: 19.12 points.


Stud: MSF Denyk $170,000: 43.32 points

  • Denyk once again showed up HUGE despite low expectations for Misfits in Week 3. Their win against S04 was somewhat expected, but their complete dismantling of Origen goes against all conventional ways of thinking, and was quite the upset. Across both games Denyk was deathless, and had a combined 24 assists. This is the perfect recipe for a high scoring week, and Denyk was able to claim his spot as the second highest scoring support right under Mikyx. LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 3 Spring 2020 couldn’t ignore Denyks big plays.
  • CLG Smoothie $140,000: 34.64 points. EG Zeyzal $220,000: 34.56 points. MAD Kaiser $210,000: 31.42 points.

Dud: FLY Ignar $270,000: 2.77 points

  • Ignar was the obvious choice for the major dud this week. Being one of the top performers last year, his price was already quite high, and after Flyquest’s impressive first week, his price went up even more. So, when they lost both games without much of a fight this week, the money lost when invested into Ignar was massive.If you saw that Flyquest had to play Cloud9 this week, you probably passed over him, but to anyone who decided to pick him up anyway, always remember to check a player’s matches for the weekend before deciding whether to pick them or not. It can save you quite a bit of your budget, and net you more points when everything’s said and done.
  • More Duds:DIG Aphromoo $200,000: 2 points. FNC Hylissang $260,000: 11.33 points.


Stud: MAD Lions $200,000: 57 points.

  • Not only did MAD Lions win both of their games this week, but they did so in ways that translated well to fantasy. In their first match against SK, they played a clean 32 minute game where they knocked down every turret, secured 4 dragons, and got a Baron. Their game against Rogue the next day was a bit longer and less clean, but they were in control most of the game, which netted them multiple barons, 3 dragons, and all but one of the turrets on the rift. 
  • Other Studs: Misfits $180,000: 52 points. Counter Logic Gaming $210,000: 50 points.

Dud: Team Liquid $320,000: 12 points

  • Week 3 was an absolute disaster for Team Liquid. 2 games that should have resulted in them picking up easy victories turned out to be embarrassments and it really showed in the team’s fantasy score. An average of 6 points per game across the two games is absolutely abysmal, and not something to be expected of a team that costs over 300K. That price tag is reserved for the current top performers like G2 and C9. Whatever TL’s problem has been at the start of the split (Broxah visa issues, Doublelift’s Senna) they need to figure it out fast, or they’re going to get passed up quickly.
  • More Duds: Flyquest $210,000: 5 points. Dignitas $210,000: 9 points. 
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