It’s time once again to see who overperformed and who underperformed this last week in the LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 2 Spring 2020. If you want to get the most value out of your 1.5 millions budget, then you’re going to want to pick studs and avoid duds. Studs score high despite their low price, and duds flop even though they’ll eat most of your budget.

lol fantasy best and worst performers


Stud: MSF Dan Dan $110,000: 52.45 points

  • The return on investment present here is absolutely insane. Going into Week 2, Dan Dan was the cheapest top laner, and he ended up being the second highest point scorer, only trailing Broken Blade by 1 point. Those who bought him to round out an already expensive roster were in for a treat when he beat the likes of Licorice and Wunder in points scored. If you had him on your roster, you could just play it off like you knew he’d do this well the whole time!
  • Other Studs: XL Expect $270,000: 41.02 points. TSM Broken Blade $210,000: 53.71 points (surprised to see Dan Dan on this side of the studs & duds list?)

Dud: 100T Ssumday $230,000: 14.80 points

  • Even in a week where 100 Thieves got a win, Ssumday only managed 14.80 points… He actually had more at the end of Game 1, but then an 0/5/0 finish against Cloud9 brought that total down. Everybody who just picks players from their favorite apparel brands to build their lineup must have been very disappointed this week… but gets ‘style’ points.
  • More Duds: GG Hauntzer $160,000: 11.94 points. VIT Cabochard $140,000: 10.57 points


Stud: MSF Razork $110,000: 37.10 points

  • Razork wasn’t the absolute highest scoring jungler, but similar to his teammate Dan Dan, he had a massive return on investment this week. People didn’t expect anything out of him or his teammates, yet he came out swinging in both games. Maybe there is some truth to the rumors about the EU amateur players turning into gods when they join the LEC.
  • Other Studs: XL Caedrel $270,000: 38.86 points. TSM Dardoch $210,000: 37.26 points

Dud: EG Svenskeren $300,000: 21.11 points

  • This week was agony for anyone who picked Svenskeren with hopes that he would return to his 2019 Summer MVP form and dunk on GG and TSM. Svenskeren played Rek’Sai and Kindred, two junglers that really struggle when put behind, and that’s exactly what happened in both matches. Costing a fifth of the 1.5 million budget and only producing 21.11 points on a week where he was expected to win both games is definite dud territory. We thought Svenskeren might have been on the studs this week in LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers Week 2 Spring 2020.
  • More Duds: MAD Shadow $260,000 17.22 points. VIT Skeanz $230,000: 4.92 points. RGE Inspired $290,000: 19.84 points


Stud: MSF Febiven $120,000: 64.42 points

  • It feels a bit unfair to the other players that performed well this weekend, but it’s too hard to ignore how much value was present in the Misfits’ roster. Febiven was the cheapest starting mid laner going into the week, yet he scored the second most points! He had two great performances on Qiyana and Leblanc, assassins known for their kill power. Imagine if Misfits had actually started Ronaldo, the guy who had never played a mid lane game professionally before, over the veteran Febiven. Surely, it would have been a disaster (Febiven fanboys will be happy to see him on this side of the studs & duds list).
  • Other Studs: MAD Humanoid $190,000 42.93 points. XL Mickey $270,000 52.95 points. TSM Bjergsen $240,000: 58.28 points

Dud: VIT Saken $180,000: -0.84 points

  • Saken scored negative points while playing in the second highest scoring role on average, and it deserves the dud spotlight. This would be almost expected from someone like Keith, who costs only 100K, but when you’re pushing a 200K salary, scoring in the negatives is not acceptable. Maybe if Vitality could have hung on a bit longer in their first game with Saken on Yasuo, he could have reached the patented “Yasuo 0-10-0 powerspike” and carried them to victory :).
  • More Duds: RGE Larssen $340,000: 29.28 points. SK Jenax $220,000: 16.99 points


Stud: C9 Zven $270,000: 76.26 points

  • For the sake of diversity, we’ll have Zven be the biggest stud bot laner of this week. MSF Bvoy is just as deserving though, scoring the third highest while only costing $110,000 himself. However, that’s not to say Zven didn’t exceed what was expected of him given his salary. He was the highest scoring bot laner, beating out his more expensive counterparts like Caps and Rekkles. Also, he played Senna both games, which wasn’t too hard of a prediction for anyone who made Zven their captain. With every deathless victory by Zven, TSM’s reputation as the “Talent Suppression Machine” grows stronger.
  • Other Studs: MSF Bvoy $110,000 58.61 points. XL Patrik $260,000 58.02 points

Dud: VIT Comp $240,000: 6.04 points

  • Vitality’s other carry player was also a dud this week. At least he actually scored some points, as opposed to his teammates Saken scoring in the negatives. Still, scoring in the single digits while costing near 250K is prime dud material. Granted, Vitality did play G2 and Rogue, but they didn’t even put up a fight.
  • More Duds: SK Crownshot $240,000: 24.05 points


Stud: TSM Biofrost $230,000: 39.38 points

  • Biofrost came out of nowhere to claim his spot as the second highest scoring support in Week 2. After TSM’s 0-2 start in Week 1, many were doubting the team’s top tier status, and their players’ salaries dipped as a result. However, this dip in salary proved to be Biofrost’s ticket on a one way trip to Value Town, pleasantly surprising anyone who picked him up on a budget and didn’t expect much from him.
  • Other Studs: C9 Vulcan $280,000 34.94 points. MSF Denyk $110,000 32.26 points

Dud: GG Keith $100,000: -5.56 points

  • Even though nobody was expecting Keith to score well, he still managed to disappoint. Golden Guardians actually won a game this week, but despite that, Keith still managed to score in the negatives. Funnily enough though, when world champion CoreJJ swapped to support, he had a KDA of 1/9/2 in his first three games, so maybe there’s still hope for Keith (probably not)!
  • More Duds: VIT Jactroll $140,000 -3.86 points. S04 Dreams $210,000 7.26 points


Stud: Excel $260,000: 49 points

  • This past week, Excel was kind of like Misfits-lite. They’re a slightly more expensive team on average that scored just a bit less than the Misfits’ players. But as a team, they managed to outscore Misfits by just a bit. It’s only a 2 point difference, but Excel deserves their brief moment in the spotlight too. I guess you could say they really “Excelled” this week 😀 (Was Excel on this side of your Studs & Duds list?)
  • Other Studs: Misfits $120,000 47 points. MAD Lions $220,000 39 points

Dud: CLG $230,000: 22 points

  • This week was CLG’s chance to show that their 0-2 Week 1 was just a fluke, and they blew it. They did manage to score a decent amount of points despite losing, but their price at this point is still too high for how they’ve been performing. The start of this split for CLG has truly lived up to their name, “Counter Logic”.
  • More Duds: Schalke 04 $220,000 12 points.
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