Let’s open up the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 4 Spring 2020 with some comparisons: Star Wars vs Star Trek. Left Twix vs Right Twix. Fantasy LCS vs Fantasy LEC. Three of the biggest rivalries in the history of the world. The goal in these articles is to find players that will return more value than their price suggests. To all of the faithful readers, we have been doing extremely well (maybe, idk) at finding value at each position all season. To mix it up this week, we will identify a value player from each region at each position.

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LCS: 100 Ssumday $250,000 vs DIG & FLY

Winning or losing, 100 Thieves obviously does it in style. However the apparel company is set up to win this week with both games against fellow 3-3 teams. Ssumday has yet to put together strong weeks, but has put together a couple very strong games, most recently getting 7 kills in the win over TL. There are very few Tops with 7 kill upside, and even less that cost under $260k.

LEC: RGE Finn $290,000 vs S04 & SK

Close your eyes and envision the perfect LEC matchups… (but like still keep reading). Okay now open. If you envisioned FC Schalke 0-6 and SK Gaming, then you are going to want to invest heavily into Rogue this week. Finn may not save you money, but it allows you to buy #1 Top Laner upside without spending the money for it. (Best Value).


LCS: GG Closer $190,000 vs CLG & DIG

Golden Guardians have been making moves lately, both in the standings and on the rift. They have as good of a record as Team Liquid (lul) but more notably have shown legit signs of growth, shedding the stigma of a 10th place team. Closer has taken baby steps through the season, but has been able to benefit from both his laners playing well (Hauntzer & Goldenglue). He has yet to put up a wild stat line, but he has proven very safe as he hasn’t died more than 3 times in a game since Week 1.

LEC: MSF Razork $230,000 vs G2 & VIT

Misfits has pulled the turnaround of the year, both IRL and in Fantasy LEC. Once among the cheapest options, all salaries has been inflating every week. Razork looks like the one option that has a price that fully hasn’t caught up yet. Two top 6 finished in a row and now the hottest team in the LEC get their shot at kill-happy G2 and the very generous Team Vitality.


LCS: DIG Froggen $240,000 vs 100 & GG

There was nobody hotter in Fantasy LCS or LEC in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 4 Spring 2020 . DIG started the year by shocking the world and Froggen lead the charge. Things have since cooled as the schedule stiffened, but now Froggen is matched up against two other 3-3 teams. He has already shown he can lead all Mids in Kills/game and DPM, and he will be able to rack up the points if he does it for another weekend.

LEC: MAD Humanoid $200,000 vs OG & FNC

Remember wayyyy back in the day when Splyce was in the LEC? Well when they were replaced by the MAD Lions, MAD rebuilt the team completely around Humanoid. We know the talent is there, but the tough sell this week is the schedule. However, just listen to me here, you want upside if you want to top the charts this week. Imagine if MAD, fresh off a win over Rogue, are able to win or even just hang with the two LEC juggernauts, both of which are fresh off losses. Humanoid will be relied upon heavily.


LCS: EG Bang $260,000 vs IMT & C9

Even in an underwhelming 1-1 week for EG, Bang still finished top 5 at the highest scoring position. He went Xayah+Xayah (making captain choices easy as well) and finished with a 9/3/11 line, which is especially impressive considering one of the games was a loss. Bang has been extremely safe, which should calm concerns over completely tanking vs C9, and make you feel like his scores can only go up.

LEC: XL Patrik $250,000 vs SK & OG

After EXPLODING into the Fantasy LEC scene in the Return of Forg1ven game in Week 1, Patrik has cooled off. Luckily for us, his price has stayed down and Excel has made it  very clear that they are looking to brawl. Through Week 2, they had the highest Kills per Win of any team. If they are going to win, they are going to rack up fantasy points along the way.


LCS: IMT Hakuho $150,000 vs TL & EG

IMT has quietly worked their way to 2nd place in the LCS and their bot lane has quietly worked their way into the hearts of Fantasy LCS fans. Hakuho and Altec have shown great comradery and provided a very steady average of points without the downside. The upside is limited, but the price is right in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 4 Spring 2020.

LEC: MSF Denyk $210,000 vs G2 & VIT

Similar to Razork above, Denyk’s price hasn’t blown up to the extent of the other Misfits. If Misfits continues their scalding hot streak and beats G2, then all Misfits will provide TONS of value. But even if they just compete, the easy game of Vitality provides a safe source of points for the weekend.


LCS: 100 Thieves $190,000 vs DIG & FLY / Dignitas $170,000 vs 100 & GG

Got a two-fer for ya! Two more products coming out of the simple ‘Team Value Equation:’ good price and a realistic shot at going 2-0. This equation worked last week with Immortals, and now 100 and DIG both go head to head with two teams who have the same record as them (3-3). The real tough choice is who do you see winning when 100 & DIG go head to head? Pick the winner there and you are in good shape.

LEC: MAD Lions $210,000 vs OG & FNC

Okay I know this is not the schedule you want to see, but OG and FNC are not on G2’s level. They both are coming off of their second loss of the season and may be closer to MAD’s level than they are G2’s. If MAD is able to kick them while they are down, they will end up top 5 among all teams this week.

Thanks for reading the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 4 Spring 2020!

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