Let’s dive into the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 2 Spring 2020 – Okay the warm up week is over, NOW is where you will top the leaderboard. Right? If you want to climb the charts and make some money, your players need to outperform their prices. We are channeling our inner grandma and going shopping for some bargains. So grab $1.5 million, load up the LCS/LEC player store and start filling our cart best value is here and ready to go.


FNC Bwipo $290,000 vs S04 & SK

It is not every day that you get to buy the defending top scorer at a position for under $300k. The Week 1 performance was AWFUL and definitely deserved a decrease in price, but it looks as if Bwipo is poised to bounce back against some easier opponents this week. Let’s ride the roller coaster, this time with his price going up next week (Best Value).

XL Expect $270,000 vs MAD & MSF

Every game that Excel Esports participated in last week turned into fantasy gold, as multiple Excel players finished top 5 at their position. All their prices raised as a result, but Except’s didn’t raise enough. Now they get two optimal matchups. Prepare for more fantasy gold.


FNC Selfmade $300,000 vs S04 vs SK

Selfmade did nothing to calm concerns about whether or not he would be able to replace Broxah last week. He is talented and has a great supporting cast, but there still is inherent risk in this pick. However, I think it is smart to bet on the Fnatic squad bouncing back, and if Selfmade is even 85% of what Broxah was, he can return value on this price.

TL Shernfire $240,000 vs DIG & FLY

It looks like it is shaping up to be another week of Broxah missing games due to visa issues. It took a full game for TL to wake up and realize this, but they salvaged a week with a Monday win over TSM. In that game, Shernfire had a 77% KP, a number that I would love for a Jungler that is part of a 2-0 team.


MAD Humanoid $190,000 vs XL & S04

For a bit there, it looked as if MAD Lions was just going to ring in their LEC debut with a win over G2. Even though it didn’t happen, MAD Lions proved they can play with the best, which I appreciated because they were a very difficult team to forecast in the preseason. Humanoid is the leader of this team and is leading them into two of the top three best matchups for Mid laners (Best Value)

TSM Bjergsen $240,000 vs EG & CLG

Where are all the TSM chants now after the 0-2 week…? If anybody is going to resurrect TSM it is going to be Bjergsen. This week pits the legend up against Jizuke and Crown, both of which just got embarrassed by other LCS veteran Froggen. If Bjergsen can follow in Froggen’s footsteps, he will carry your lineup.


FNC Rekkles $340,000 vs S04 & SK

Everybody will write in Caps as their top Bot laner after his 90+ point Week 1. That feels like 90 more points than Rekkles got, but people don’t realize that he came out of Game 2 with the highest Kill total of the whole weekend, 10 Kills. If Rekkles keeps that up against softer opponents, he will surprise as the top scoring player of the entire week now that’s a best value player.

XL Patrik $260,000 vs MAD & MSF

The biggest LEC breakout start of Week 1, Patrik vaulted up the Bot ranks. Even though XL went 1-1, he finished in the top 5 at the position. XL is favored to go 2-0 this week, which should improve on Patrik’s numbers (if that even seems possible).


EG Zeyzal $270,000 vs GG & TSM

This selection is made a little easier if you just completely wipe EG’s first game from your memory. (Men in Black memory erase light)  Zeyzal went 0/0/10 in an easy Game 2 win, which is what we expect from him. He looked great with Bang and has massive upside, proven by his top 4 finish at the position just in ‘19 Summer

C9 Vulcan $280,000 vs IMT & 100

From old C9 to new C9. Vulcan disappointed in Week 1, yes you are correct. However, what if I told you the starting Support for the (current) best team in the LCS had just a 50% Kill Participation? You would expect that number to go up right? If Vulcan gets that even up to 70% for another 2-0 week, well then he will be comfortably in the Top 5 (best value) in our LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 2 Spring 2020.

Best Value TEAM

Evil Geniuses $260,000 vs GG & TSM

(Men in Black light still hasn’t worn off and I still don’t remember their Game 1). I will keep this one simple. EG was a preseason favorite to finish in the top 4 of the LCS and now they get a week against two 0-2 teams. Even though one is fan favorite TSM, the numbers will point to a big week for EG.

Team SoloMid $240,000 vs EG & CLG

Okay now I remember EG’s Game 1! TSM can beat them! Well yes they actually can, it will be tough, but TSM would be set up for a massive week if they could. CLG just got absolutely embarrassed in Week 1, and have less talent than TSM. This is betting on a big bounceback, but the dots are there for you to connect and there is a massive reward for you if you are correct.

LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 2 Spring 2020


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