Everybody loves a good sale, hence why we made the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 1 Spring 2020 article! Whether Black Friday or a Clearance rack, nobody wants to pay full price. Why? Everybody wants MORE for their money, and Fantasy LoL is no different. Even though we won’t be having any holiday sales or ‘20% off everything must go!’ stickers on our players, it won’t stop you from getting more for your money. There is best value to be found in all players and teams, but the players who can greatly outperform their price is where the real value comes into play.


RGE Finn $280,000 vs Misfits & Excel

After taking the LCS by storm in his 5 game sample, Finn finished the year as the #2 Top of all LCS/LEC in per game scoring (that has best value written all over it). The sample size is too small for his price to believe it, but we are able to see just how dang good he can be in the sample. Factor in probably the best schedule on the entire slate, Finn is a great and value bet for your Top lane.

S04 Odoamne $190,000 vs Excel & Origen

Schalke is a weird team to predict with how a couple members are both established and wild cards at the same time (Gilius and Forg1ven). However Odoamne is not a wild card, and can be trusted up Top as a best value pick. He was just outside the top 10 at the position last year, but the boost in cast and good schedule this week should set him up to beat his ‘19 rank.


TL Pobelter $230,000 / TL Shernfire $140,000 vs C9 & Team SoloMid

I’ll admit, I don’t know who will be playing Jungler for Team Liquid this weekend. But I will also tell you that whoever will be starting, I want them in my lineup. If I see news that one of these two will be starting both games, I will pick them and never look back. Not everyday you can get the Jungler of the 1st place team in their league at a discount, hence why we put him in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 1 Spring 2020.

RGE Inspired $260,000 vs Misfits & Excel

Another member of the Rogue Revolution, Inspired just won Rookie of the Split in the LEC, and it is clear his price doesn’t buy into awards. Again, LOVE the schedule as I expect Rogue to win both of these games and see Inspired making his presence known across the entire map in the process. If this doesn’t yell best value player then nothing will.


EG Jizuke $240,000 vs Dignitas & 100 Thieves

There seems to be an unspoken hesitance about rating EG coming into 2020. Like they are pretty much ‘19 C9, but nobody wants to treat them that way. I don’t blame people for hesitating on an unproven roster, but I’m not going to ignore the upside of buying in early. Jizuke is an electric player, finishing ‘19 with Kill totals that match the elite. His biggest detriment was his high Death total, but I see MVP Svenskeren roaming the Jungle around his lane being able to fix that issue for Jizuke.

S04 Abbedagge $220,000 vs Excel & Origen

There isn’t a much more clear vote of confidence than retaining a player through a massive ‘win-now’ makeover to a roster. Abbedagge finished ‘19 as a Top 5 Mid laner (talk about best value stats) and enters 2020 on a team with a mission to be elite. A great Week 1 schedule which sees S04 as favorites to go 2-0 is the ideal way to start that mission and rack up the fantasy points.


EG Bang $300,000 vs Dignitas & 100 Thieves

Reread everything I said about EG in Jizuke’s paragraph. Now mix in a 2x World Champion Bot laner who is coming off maybe his worst professional season. Bang led all Bot laners in DMG% last season, and now is on a roster that will be able to back him up much better than last season. With two favorable matchups on the slate, Bang is about to start the season of with a… BOOM! (I refuse to make that name pun…)

S04 Forg1ven $210,000 vs Excel & Origen

Remember this guy? A couple years ago he was running rampant on the EU LCS as a member of H2k (yeah remember the EU LCS?). Well he is back and looking to prove he hasn’t missed a step. It is definitely a risk to bet on somebody returning after such a lengthy layoff, but the risk is factored into the price. OG H2K fan boys rejoice! And pick Forg1ven.


RGE Vander $270,000 vs Misfits & Excel

I will stop talking about Rogue in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 1 Spring 2020…but after this… But you have to recognize the potential of Rogue and their young core to improve GREATLY this year and leave their 7-11 Summer record behind. Vander should benefit as much as anybody with this progression and rack up the assists, especially with Misfits and Excel to start the season.

FNC Hylissang $330,000 vs Origen & Misfits

I could just sit here and talk about Rekkles or Hylissang’s Top 5 ‘19 finish. Instead, I’ll bring up the fact that Fnatic is a very clear Top 2 team (hint hint best value pick) in the LEC and they are not playing against the other Top 2 team, making for a juicy schedule! Hylissang should reap these rewards all season long and will always make his price worth it.

Best Value TEAM

CLG $320,000 vs Dignitas & FlyQuest

Normally a Top 3 best value team in price doesn’t allow much value to be gained from picking them, but CLG is a unique case this week. They have the perfect schedule this week, being clear favorites to win both matches, even without Crown. CLG is a team that won’t crush a team quickly with Kills, rather slowly grind the loser to a pulp through objectives, which makes for a perfect Fantasy scenario.

Team Liquid $300,000 vs Cloud9 & Team SoloMid

If you are spending up for an expensive Team, you want to be guaranteed two wins. An even better set up is getting two wins in matches that are non-blowouts, requiring a team to play longer games and kill more objectives. This perfectly describes Team Liquid’s schedule this week. There is inherent risk that TL could drop a game this weekend, especially with their Jungler issues, but if you see TL winning both these games then you should trust their fantasy production and value their rich history.

Thank you for reading the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 1 Spring 2020