What is Bargain Shopping?

Once you have picked your star players, the hardest part is to find cheap players that will still score well. The LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 9 Spring 2020 is written to help find those diamonds in the rough!

How Does it Work?

Each week, we recommend the best value player (by role) to pick in the following two price ranges:
$250,000 – $200,001
≤ $200,000

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Two players were subbed out of their starting roster in the Top lane this week, and the position as a whole looks like it is decreasing in value. Every other role out produced Top last week in average value, except for Support. Only the Top and Support roles did not have a single player top 60 fantasy points last week, either. I think finding a safe contributor may be wiser than searching for top end value here.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Solo (Flyquest)

Cost: $220,000

Opponents: TL & GG

Reasoning: I have found nothing that guarantees that Solo will remain starting over V1per to finish the season out, but he looked solid in the starting spot last week. He has synergy with the coaching staff and with Santorin, so he should be a smooth fit moving forward as Flyquest face two teams currently sitting outside the playoff race.

≤ $200,000

Player: sOAZ (Immortals)

Cost: $140,000

Opponents: DIG & EG

Reasoning: sOAZ’s price tag makes sense to me. His fantasy value has been terrible every time Immortals have lost, and his value has been hit-or-miss even when they win. However, his team has been competitive, and everybody else available at this value cannot make that claim. They will look to secure their playoff spot this weekend, and sOAZ seems like a safe bet to outperform his price tag.


The Jungle role saw a surge in value last week, in part due to Jankos’ dominant 87.2 point performance that led all players in fantasy scoring for Week 8. However, it does feel like the position is in a very strong place right now. The Jungle role has been the primary instigator of both skirmishes AND teamfights, and stands to benefit the most from bloodier play as we saw last week. Jankos stands in a tier unto his own in the role, but the position seems to be fairly deep with productive players otherwise.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Meteos (100 Thieves)

Cost: $220,000

Opponents: TSM & CLG

Reasoning: 100 Thieves have been on a bit of a hot streak the past few weeks, winning 5 of their past 7 contests, and Meteos has really overcome a slow start to become a key factor in their recent surge. The matchup against TSM is tough, but it is one I think can be very winnable for the Thieves. Meteos can use the CLG game to round out a solid weekend and ensure that the Thieves make the postseason.

≤ $200,000

Player: Akaadian (Dignitas)

Cost: $190,000

Opponents: IMT & TSM

Reasoning: Dignitas doesn’t seem like they’ve had many close games. They either outclass or (a bit more frequently) get outclassed. Akaadian has been starting over Grig for 4 games now, and Dignitas’ outlook does not seem much brighter, going 1-3 in those contests. However, Akaadian is unquestionably a better FANTASY jungler than Grig, accumulating at least 4 kills in 3 of those games and averaging a 3.3 KDA.around him.


Though the Mid lane is still the 2nd highest scoring fantasy role, it took a bit of a drop last week. It seems as though the Mid lane is the lane seeing the highest spike in death rate in the ever shifting metagame. With the widest overall range of fantasy possibilities of any role, I believe it is wise to spend a little extra to secure a strong Mid lane pick this week. However, if you want to try to make a high-risk & high-reward play, those options are available in the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 9 Spring 2020.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Abbedagge (FC Schalke 04)

Cost: $240,000

Opponents: G2 & RGE

Reasoning: Abbedagge has been on a hot streak, averaging 7.3 kills, 1 death, and 5.3 assists over the past 3 games. He seems to finally be getting some consistency to pair with his high ceiling play. The Schalke schedule this week is terrible, and as improved as they have been they are still not good enough to contend. However, players who perform as well as Abbedagge has been find ways to make fantasy contributions regardless of such circumstances.

≤ $200,000

Player: Jenax (SK Gaming)

Cost: $160,000

Opponents: RGE & XL

Reasoning: From what I’ve seen, I feel like Jenax is a pretty solid player who only occasionally makes mistakes. He has just absolutely not gotten any help from the rest of his team. He is ideally the centerpiece of the core that SK would like to build around, so it will be interesting to see if they change their playstyle more towards achieving that goal as they start looking ahead to the Summer Split.


The Bot lane returned to being the highest scoring role last week, a title it normally holds. While there are plenty of high scoring players at the role, there is a rather steep drop off in value as the position approaches the average player cost (~$250,000). I think it’s wise to pay the Bot lane tax to make sure you get one of the productive players. However, while I think it is harder to do, I think it’s possible to fish for strong carry performances from inconsistent players (or players on underperforming teams) for those who wish to remain “duty free”.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Patrik (Excel Esports)

Cost: $250,000

Opponents: OG & SK

Reasoning: Patrik is the one person on Excel’s roster that really has superstar potential, and even though the team still has a few things to work out, he largely showed that talent this split. Excel will likely return to their routine of going 1-1 for this week, and that’s proven to be enough for Patrik to consistently find himself amongst the better performers in the Bot lane.

≤ $200,000

Player: Stixxay (Counter Logic Gaming)

Cost: $120,000

Opponents: GG & 100

Reasoning: I was fooled by CLG last week and considered Wind, but the team decided to stick with Stixxay. I think Stixxay looks like the better player of the two, and I also don’t think he is responsible for the team’s poor performance. He totaled 41.83 points last week, and faces an easier schedule looking ahead to Week 9.


Support remains a wasteland for fantasy purposes. Tore managed to finish with negative fantasy points. There are still a few solid options, as Mikyx even managed to clear 50 points last week, but they are scarce. Fortunately, the position is very inexpensive. You can find a really cheap option, spin the support bargain wheel and see where it lands, and spend the savings elsewhere. Or, you can pony up for one of the few reliable “elite” supports, which still cost less than most other players in other roles. Either way, in a scarce position, you want to use the resources you have smartly.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Vulcan (Cloud9)

Cost: $210,000

Opponents: EG & TL

Reasoning: Picking C9 has been stress free all season. Even against EG on a 5-game win streak, and against TL in a game that will potentially decide the fate of their playoff chances, C9 is still the heavy favorite. If these games are hotly contested, it should only serve to make for bloodier games and more chances for C9 to reap rewards.

≤ $200,000

Player: Biofrost (Team SoloMid)

Cost: $180,000

Opponents: 100 & DIG

Reasoning: Biofrost has been absolutely instrumental in teamfights when things are working for TSM. That isn’t always the case, and Week 9 brings easy opportunities to stumble. But if things go as planned, TSM has a clear pathway to the 2nd seed in the playoffs, which comes with a playoff bye and a statement of status that TSM really wants to make. I think Biofrost will quietly be one of the biggest values available if that plan comes to fruition for TSM.


The Team role is by just about every measure the most “average” and therefore has the most flexibility, in my opinion. It also has the simplest rules. Teams with different objective priorities can perhaps affect their fantasy value a bit, but the bottom line is that teams that win more games score more points, moreso even than any other role. It’s literally a scoring category, and other fantasy objectives are either a direct win condition (like towers) or indirect win condition (like dragons & baron). It seems as though the LEC has been a bit more predictable in terms of team performance this split, especially this week in the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 9 Spring 2020.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Rogue

Cost: $250,000

Opponents: SK & S04

Reasoning: Schalke has shown a pulse recently, but otherwise Rogue’s schedule in Week 9 is a fantasy dream. They’ve been a productive Fantasy team on their own, and perhaps are suffering from a price drop due to a poor performance last week against EU’s best (Fnatic and G2). However, this team has been a productive team for Fantasy all season long, and a schedule that is on the exact opposite end of the difficulty spectrum will provide Rogue with what I think will be an elite week for the Team position.

≤ $200,000

Player: Immortals

Cost: $200,000

Opponents: DIG & EG

Reasoning: While the Immortals players have been pretty disappointing relative to the team’s performance, the Immortals pick itself has maintained pretty average results throughout the split. I think there’s a good chance they finish Week 9 1-1 and maintain their average value to close the season. It’s not a flashy pick, but finding average production at below average costs (the average fantasy pick costs $250,000) is what wins the fantasy marathon.

Thanks for reading the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 9 Spring 2020.

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