What is Bargain Shopping?

Once you have picked your star players, the hardest part is to find cheap players that will still score well. Fantasy Bargain Shopping for Week 6 Spring 2020 helps you find those LEC and LCS diamonds in the rough!

How Does it Work?

Each week, we recommend the best value player (by role) to pick in the following two price ranges:
Under $250,000
Under $200,000

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Price Range: < $250,000

Player: MAD Orome

Cost: $220,0000

Opponents: VIT & XL

Reasoning: I think that picking Orome this week nets you a safe pick that could bring a fairly high reward. He has provided at least 32.66 fantasy points in each of the last 3 weeks, and his schedule this week is soft. MAD has a better record than either of their opponents, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep giving Orome strong scaling picks (like his Gangplank).

Price Range: < $200,000

Player: IMT sOAZ

Cost: $120,0000

Opponents: GG & CLG

Reasoning: I’m not exactly swinging for the fences by picking sOAZ. He is well established, so you mostly know what you’re getting. And while sOAZ’s fantasy stats have been lackluster so far, his opponents for the week ahead set the table for him to feast. GG’s Hauntzer looked lost last week and CLG has looked lost this entire split. Since sOAZ is so inexpensive, you should have plenty of leftover funds to spend on those ‘luxury’ laners.


Price Range: < $250,000

Player: MSF Razork

Cost: $230,0000

Opponents: FNC & SK

Reasoning: I know he’s still a rookie, but I’m convinced that Razork is quickly establishing himself as an elite jungler. If you remove Misfits’ debut week, Razork’s fantasy points reflect that elite status. His match-up against FNC will be a challenge, but Misfits still have a strong chance to come away with the victory. After that, he will get to coast against a floundering SK team that just gave Vitality their first win of the split.

Price Range: < $200,000

Player: FLY Santorin

Cost: $190,0000

Opponents: C9 & DIG

Reasoning: Something very noticeably stands out when looking at the list of junglers under $200,000: Santorin averages 4.3 more fantasy points per game than the next jungler on that list (Wiggily). That’s huge. I assume the game against C9 will end in a loss, which is likely why such a high performer like Santorin is valued so low this week. But this Flyquest team is strong, and there should still be plenty of kill participation opportunities for Santorin throughout the weekend.


Price Range: < $250,000

Player: EG Jiizuke

Cost: $250,0000

Opponents: 100 & GG

Reasoning: Jiizuke is mechanically stunning, but he can occasionally get greedy. His team is new and a bit chaotic, which does not necessarily help Jiizuke’s tendencies. His opponents both have the same record as his own Evil Geniuses (all 4-6). While picking Jiizuke might feel as risky as the man’s own playstyle, he has lane opponents in ry0ma and Goldenglue that won’t be able to keep up with his dueling skill alone. I see tons of potential for Jiizuke to absolutely carry, this is why the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 6 Spring 2020 is loving.

Price Range: < $200,000

Player: IMT Eika

Cost: $140,0000

Opponents: GG & CLG

Reasoning: Eika strikes me as a reliably middling player, which is actually really useful for his fantasy value this week. I’m going to go ahead and ink him in for about 30-40 fantasy points in Week 6, and I’m amazed at his value, since his team ought to be favored to win both of their games. There is only one starting mid laner who is less expensive, and because I feel this is SO safe and SO inexpensive, Eika is my Value Pick of the Week.


Price Range: < $250,000

Player: XL Patrik

Cost: $240,0000

Opponents: RGE & MAD

Reasoning: Patrik is steadily becoming a superstar even though his team is average, as he has contributed the 5th most fantasy points out of all bot laners this split. I’m not too worried that both of his Week 6 opponents have better records than XL (they are both 6-4). XL has finished each week 1-1, and I feel confidently that they will be able to do the same again this week. It would be fun to see a Draven pick in Patrik’s match against Rogue, as both he and Hans Sama like to play the champion (though neither player has yet this split).

Price Range: < $200,000

Player: S04 Innaxe

Cost: $190,0000

Opponents: OG & FNC

Reasoning: The schedule for Week 6 isn’t great, but Schalke has looked like a much more competitive team with Innaxe. He has averaged 25.5 points per game (5th amongst bot laners), and he has been good enough to compete at the World Championship as recently as last year. I would consider Innaxe a bit of a gamble, but he could wind up being a steal at this price if he keeps Schalke competitive against even elite teams.


Price Range: < $250,000

Player: MAD Kaiser

Cost: $210,0000

Opponents: VIT & XL

Reasoning: Kaiser has been one of the top performers in MAD Lions’ surprising run so far. He has a ridiculous 16.0 KDA on Rakan, who he has played 4 times this split. He is a great playmaking support, and he looks very comfortable with his bot laner, Carzzy. MAD Lions face a pretty favorable schedule this week, as Vitality looks like a freebie and MAD have played opponents a bit stronger than XL. XL did win the two teams’ last game, but I’m not sure a loss would keep Kaiser away from a strong fantasy performance anyway, hence the call out in LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 6 Spring 2020.

Price Range: < $200,000

Player: VIT Steelback

Cost: $110,0000

Opponents: MAD & G2

Reasoning: Steeelback seems to have lit a fire underneath Vitality. They still have quite a few questions to answer, and perhaps once Milica joins the team they can begin to address their issues. However, Steeelback has a remarkable synergy with Skeanz already. Even though MAD and G2 are practically unwinnable match-ups for Vitality, I have faith that Steeelback’s strong roaming and pick potential will justify this pick up, especially at a price this low. I also don’t think he will remain such an inexpensive option for long.


Price Range: < $250,000

Player: Immortals

Cost: $210,0000

Opponents: GG & CLG

Reasoning: The Immortals team option might end up being an even better fantasy producer than any of its players. Immortals’ methodical pace does not often help them get fantasy objectives, but 2 likely wins should make this their best week yet. The only other week Immortals got 2 wins was Week 3, and they totaled 48.00 fantasy points that week. With a lot of elite teams matched up against one another, I’m taking this as the safest pick at any price range.

Price Range: < $200,000

Player: Dignitas

Cost: $150,0000

Opponents: FLY & C9

Reasoning: There aren’t many good teams that are this inexpensive. Heck, 1-9 CLG is valued at $160,000 this week. Dignitas’ schedule is brutal, so it’s understandable why such a solid team would be available at such a bargain. However, this team does have strong players. They can look extremely out of sorts at times, as shown in Dignitas loss to Liquid in their most recent game. However, they have a fair chance to take out Flyquest, and have the talent to catch C9 by surprise if they get complacent.

Thanks for reading the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 6 Spring 2020!

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