Do you like a great bargain?…Then look no further than the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 5 Spring 2020. The Spring Split is flying by as Week 5 welcomes the midway point of the split and shows us who is real and fake. Misfits solidified themselves as true contenders in the LEC by pulling the major upset over undefeated G2, bringing their win streak to 6 straight games. Counter Logic Gaming, even after bringing in former world champion Crown, have solidified themselves as fantasy match-up prey. However, second half surges still happen every split, just ask Clutch Gaming. I’ve found some players at cheap rates that might be in the perfect position to pay off this weekend.


≤ $250,000 FLY V1per vs GG & CLG – V1per has been rather inconsistent throughout this split, but he has certainly been a productive option before (57.56 pts in Week 1, 42.12 pts in Week 4). His schedule this coming week is buttery soft, and there’s always the chance that he gets to bust out his signature Riven pocket pick. He went 8/0/5 in the last game that he played her. He’s definitely a great bargain.

$200,000: DIG Huni -$180,000 vs IMT & TL – I could just be nostalgic, but I am amazed that Huni is such a cheap pick (a bargain). Huni has not been playing a carry role for Dignitas so far this year, but his lane opponents hardly strike fear in anybody’s heart (sOAZ and Impact). Dignitas has been competitive at 4-4, and I expect them to play more around Huni this weekend to try to solidify a playoff push.


$250,000: XL Caedrel -$240,000 vs G2 & S04 – G2’s implosion last week makes this pick far much more interesting to me. I still don’t really expect Excel to beat G2, but that has become a distinct possibility. Even if Excel lose, G2 has still averaged 13.1 deaths per game (4th most in the LEC) and Schalke has averaged 14.8 deaths per game (the most in the LEC). Caedrel has been extremely consistent, giving you ~28-42 points each week. The LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 5 Spring 2020 think he’s a safe pick who could be in line for a big week (a bargain).

$200,000: S04 Lurox -$140,000 vs VIT & XL – Lurox is still a rookie on a team that seems to still have some coordination issues, so I understand why he is available at such a discount. However, Schalke are fresh off of their first win of the season (against reigning champs G2, no less) and Lurox tallied an impressive 3/1/11 stat line. I think the roster moves Schalke made throughout the season could set the team up as a candidate for a second half streak. It only helps that they face Vitality this week, the only team with an even worse record than Schalke hence the feature in LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 5 Spring 2020.


$250,000: FLY PowerOfEvil -$250,000 vs GG & CLG – I think it’s pretty fortunate to see PowerOfEvil available within this price range. He’s already giving you 23.5 points per game (tied for 3rd amongst all mid laners) heading into Week 5. Just like V1per, his schedule this week looks easy. I’m picking PowerOfEvil to be the Value Pick of the Week, and I think he’s going to look like he’s smurfing.

$200,000: S04 Abbedagge -$190,000 vs VIT & XL – I know Abbedagge has a tendency to push his luck sometimes, but sometimes that works out for him too. He has died multiple times in every game this split, but he has also achieved 6 kills or more 3 different times. I’m willing to play with fire here and take a bargain, because I think that his match against Vitality presents him with a good opportunity to hit 6 kills a 4th time. 


$250,000: DIG Johnsun -$220,000 vs IMT & TL – Johnsun feels like a bit of a risky pick to me, but then, if you like deep diving for bot laners, you’re probably the type to welcome a bit of danger. The reward on this gamble is sizable, as Johnsun has averaged almost 5 kills per game and 5.5 assists per game, amongst the games that Dignitas has won. However, he has disappeared in their losses, averaging a 1.0 KDA. I think both of Dignitas’ games this weekend could go either way, but anyone who likes their chances of going 2-0 this weekend could come away with an absolute steal here. This spells bargain all the way!

$200,000: VIT Comp -$130,000 vs S04 & SK – There aren’t many great budget options in the bot lane, this is usually a lane worth picking a luxury option in. However, Comp does provide an interesting strategic choice, where you can save a ton of salary for expensive options elsewhere, while still providing bot carry potential (or at least without “punting” a player entirely). In spite of Vitality’s struggles, I think Comp has looked like a very solid pro player. He likely won’t often be a very good fantasy option until the team’s issues are fixed, but they have perhaps the most favorable schedule of any team this weekend. If Comp is ever going to be a viable fantasy option this split, I’m betting that it would be this week.


$250,000: TSM Biofrost -$250,000 vs 100 & EG – Biofrost is a big play maker for TSM. He really showed it last week, and totaled 23.8 fantasy points (top 10 amongst supports), even though TSM finished the weekend 0-2. TSM’s lack of ability to close games out concerns me, but it hasn’t seemed to affect Biofrost’s fantasy value much, as he remains a premier pick at this position. I also think both Week 5 games are very winnable for TSM, who do still average a very fantasy friendly 12.4 kills per game (2nd most in the LCS).

$200,000: TL CoreJJ -$200,000 vs EG & DIG – It amazes me how quickly Team Liquid has unraveled. Superstar support CoreJJ should not be averaging a meager 7.8 fantasy points per game! I do think Liquid will find a way to course correct a bit, as they get more experience playing with Broxah and look to secure a playoff spot. This week would be a great place to start, with games against fellow fringe playoff contenders that could prove significant as the season draws on. CoreJJ has been on a tier unto himself within this role for so long that I have no trouble believing in his return to dominance. He can be a great bargain pick!


$250,000: Rogue -$230,000 vs FNC & MSF – As nerve wracking as it may be to pick a team facing 2 different 6-2 opponents in Week 5, Rogue has been a deceptively strong team play. Even though they have a worse record (5-3), the team averages more fantasy points than either of their opponents. Rogue has a very controlled and macro oriented style of play, which favors the team’s fantasy value immensely. If they are able to split their games this week, this pick should prove valuable. I’m guessing they upset Misfits, myself.

$200,000: Vitality -$100,000 vs S04 & SK – This team is absolutely miserable at playing for objectives, which explains their price tag. However, as I mentioned with Comp, this is perhaps the most forgiving schedule of any team in Week 5. SOMEBODY is going to have to get the team objectives in their games. I think it is a viable, and perhaps strong, strategy to pick Vitality here with confidence and seek premier options with the salary saved in your other roles. My own fantasy team reflects my faith in the pick.

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