Welcome to The Lock-In Esports Fantasy Podcast #05! Each week hosts Jesse Roberts and Lewis Smith invite a special guest to talk lineups, match predictions, and answer questions from the community!

This week we have special guest Kelsey Remige! Kelsey works in Partnerships at Inven Global and is a Player Manager at EvolvedTalent. She shares her golden advice for creating her lineup and her perspective on the players in the LCS!

Kelsey Remige Interviewing Meteos

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Episode Five

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Episode Time Stamps

These are the time stamps that apply to The Lock-In Esports Fantasy Podcast #05:

  • 00:50 – Special Guest Kelsey Remige
  • 02:58 – Previous Week Recap
  • 03:50 – Week 8 Winner: pdelosreyes491
  • 05:56 – Schedule Rankings
  • 07:26 – Kelsey’s Golden Lineup
  • 15:09 – It’s Tanner Time! 
  • 18:58 – Lewis’ Lineup
  • 27:50 – ADC, Top, and Jungle Picks
  • 33:30 – Mid and Support Picks
  • 40:52 – Playoff Race and Rosters
  • 51:10 – Community Questions
  • 59:37 – Kelsey’s Sign-off