Welcome to your one-stop shop for all your LEC Playoffs information for Spring 2020! This is a living document so we will keep updating it as results come in. We also recommend playing Fantasy LEC for the playoffs to add to the excitement – learn more.


This is not a fantasy article, strictly looking at the LEC playoffs from the general LoL fan perspective.

Who Made LEC Playoffs?

The LEC Playoff Teams

LEC Playoffs is split into an upper & lower bracket.

Upcoming Matches


  • MAD vs G2 – 4/18 8:00am


  • Fnatic vs TBD – 4/19
Fantasy LEC Playoffs:
Matches will be streamed with live scoring on E1 Fantasy.


What a wild week, MAD Lions were a very different team then the one that versed G2. Fnatic looked like they were playing with their food and took the match with little effort. G2 battled an Origen that had to verse Rogue in the previous match, their squad looked flat and seemed to have use their spark in the previous game. The match we are all waiting for is the MAD vs G2 rematch, it’s going to be a clown fiesta!