After a successful E1 Fantasy Spring regular season, we now shift our attention to the Playoffs. What better way to celebrate than to highlight how all the teams and players that performed with an LEC and LCS Playoffs Infographic!

LEC and LCS Playoffs infographic

Among playoff-qualifying players, Cloud9’s Zven leads the KDA standing with a whopping 12.3, the only player in LCS or LEC with a double-digit KDA. Vulcan‘s 7.9 is equally impressive, as the only Support player (and the only non-Bot laner) in the top-3 of his league.

Caps is a beast, not only finishing 3rd in KDA in the LEC, but topping the DPM charts at 622 average damage to champions per minute, followed closely by Perkz.

The strength of each map side has been drastically different between the LCS and LEC. In North America, the blue side won almost two-thirds of the games in the regular season, while in LEC the red side actually won more games! LEC red side teams controlled a strong majority of the dragons and Barons, as well.

If you’re looking to earn the most points possible, the entire roster of G2 Esports crushed the competition, but good luck affording their massive salaries!


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