Okay so your lineup is set, now upon which head do you lay the Captain Crown? Pick 2 Champions for your Captain, and if they play either one, you get 50% bonus to the fantasy points in those games. There are different strategies to use when picking a Captain, but the end goal is always to get those extra points. Getting the Captain bonuses separates the chumps from the champs, so be ready to read the meta and use that crystal ball!

  • Best Overall Captain: A threat to lead all players in scoring with a predictable Champion pool
  • Risky Captain: High upside value, but more risk due to Champion variety
  • Safe Captain: Sacrificing some upside to make sure that you get the Champion picks correct

Best Overall captain: EG Deftly: Kaisa & Jhin

EG Deftly

If you had this last week, then you got 171.63 points from your ADC and took some money home. Now I’m not just trying to chase last week’s success, but it is very clear which Champions EG wants Deftly to pilot. And with so many power Champions for EG members, Deftly won’t be the one getting banned out.

Risky Captain: 100 Closer: Olaf & Taliyah

100T Closer

The question really is, “is a team bold enough to leave Olaf open?” Even if they ban it out, 100 first picked Taliyah for Closer in their first game and have no reason not to do it again.

safe Captain: 100 FBI: Kaisa & Aphelios

100T FBI

The nice thing about FBI still liking the now-weaker Aphelios is that it is always there for him. And honestly, the Champ is still a lot better than people realize. FBI is not the sexiest pick since he won’t lead the position in scoring, but he sure is safe.

Deeper Dive - Captain Role Meta

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Honestly, Impact as Captain with Renekton would’ve been slick last week. Renekton is King Croc of the Top Lane for sure, but I still don’t recommend using your crowd here with the capped scoring upside.

LoL Jungler Icon


Graves is a lock, but then the second will vary by person between Taliyah, Nidalee & Lillia (I rank them in that order for most likely). Unless you go Closer (which I wouldn’t blame you), then you have to get that Olaf in there.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

People like Perkz want Yone for style points, but he still isn’t a lock. Syndra & Orianna are still the go-to’s for your kill-potential Mids, but I would caution against it. The Mid Laners who are worth captaining have wide and unpredictable pools, as we saw Perkz, Jiizuke, and Jensen each use a different Champion each game.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Kaisa, Samira, & Jhin are the big 3 at the premier position, with Aphelios working 3000 years on a case to join. This is where you want to use your Captain, even regardless of who you go here.

LoL Support Icon


Huhi Sett/Lulu? CoreJJ Thresh/Leona? No, don’t do it. Just be happy with all the Assists!