We at Esports One are excited to announce our latest product: OneView! OneView is an extension for Twitch that helps viewers keep track of what’s happening in a live game of League of Legends. How you ask? We use Computer Vision technology, the same tech used in self-driving cars, to recognize in-game events and respond with useful information. All we need is a video feed to track what’s going on, no APIs necessary.

OneView features a live event feed of kills and objectives so viewers never miss what happens. If you join a game late, simply open OneView to get caught up on the action. Forgot what each champion does? Simply click a champion icon in the event feed to see a full list of their abilities.

Live Event Feed

For those viewers who are new to League of Legends, OneView also includes a Beginner Mode. One of the best ways to learn a game is to have a friend sitting next to you, walking you through it. Think of OneView as that friend. When toggled on, OneView will display tips and hints around what’s happening in context, explaining the most important things to know about the game. For streamers, this helps them expand their audience to newbies without needing to personally explain the game to them, so they can stay focused on their hardcore fan base.

Beginner Mode

We are currently entering our Closed Beta for select streamers to try out the extension. If you or your organization would like to participate, please sign up here!  

What's Next

As a Closed Beta, this is simply the beginning. We have big plans for OneView. 

We are currently training our Computer Vision to support more games like Overwatch, Dota 2, CS:GO and more. 

Also, something we’re really excited about is the introduction of ‘OneView Questions’. At the start of each match, we’ll ask you to make some predictions about how the game will go, and the Computer Vision will validate your predictions throughout the game. Also, during the game we’ll be asking you game trivia questions based on in-game events. For example, if Ashe kills Blitzcrank, we could ask you the name of Ashe’s Ultimate Ability. If you really want to spice things up, you can put Twitch Bits on the line to play against other viewers. At the start of a match, you’ll have the option put a small amount of bits into a pool along with other viewers. If you win the round, OneView will donate the entire pool the streamer on your behalf, making you look like a boss.

OneView Questions