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1, What are CommunityBeyond Discount Cards?

With your CommunityBeyond Discount Card, you enjoy hundreds of exclusive gift vouchers/discounts at many local businesses in Ryde and Hunters Hill local government area, anything from restaurants to hair dressers, to retail stores, or even service businesses. Simply present your card upon check out and enjoy the deal. An offer number on the card is removed each time you redeem your offer.

For every CommunityBeyond Discount Card sold, a donation is made to one of our partner non-profits in Ryde and Hunters Hill local government areas.


2, What can I get from the card and how much does it cost?

With hundreds of exclusive gift vouchers/discounts, you will never be out of options. Click here to see where you can use your card and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each new card costs $35 plus GST and a flat delivery fee of $2.50.


3, How can I purchase a CommunityBeyond Discount Card?

If you have a purchase link shared by a non-profit organisation (Schools, Sports Clubs, etc), please follow that link to finalise your purchase.

If you want to purchase a new card, simply go to and pay online through Paypal. We will post your new card to your front door within 3 working days.

To renew an existing card, please go to Your new card will be posted to you within 3 working days which gives you another hundreds of exclusive vouchers/discounts. Enjoy!


4, How can I find out where I can use my card?

You can enjoy hundreds of exclusive gift vouchers/discount from quality local businesses. Check our list of participant businesses here to find the one you would like to visit. Refine the search by setting the category or area of your choice. Enjoy and explore the great deals in store. Find out more about Rules of Use here.


5, What should I do once I receive my new card?

First of all, sign your name on the back of the card. Then you need to register your card on our website to receive latest offers and deals. Sign up now and create your profile.  If you are previously registered, please update your profile with your new card number.


6, How can I view updates on latest offers?

Be sure to stay on top of the game and sign up to our eNewsletter by registering on our website.


7, Is it safe if I pay on the website?

Yes. All our online payment is powered by Paypal, an experienced online payment service provider. We do not take, store or use any of your credit card information.


8, Can I use my card on public holidays?

Many businesses choose to honour CommunityBeyond Discount Card on these days. However, terms and conditions of every establishment varies. It is advised to confirm with the business owner prior to purchase. For more information, please check Rules of Use.


9, Are CommunityBeyond Cards available to other areas or cities?

At the moment, Community Beyond Discount Cards are exclusive to Ryde and Hunters Hill local government area in New South Wales. We are looking towards expansion so we can serve more businesses and communities.


10, What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

In an unfortunate incident of loss or theft, please contact us to arrange a replacement. You may be required to show the proof of purchase and incur a replacement fee.


11, What if the local shop I would like to purchase from ceased from operating?

We always see to it that our membership list is up to date. In an unlikely circumstance that an establishment went out of a business, we encourage you to contact us ASAP. Indicate the business name and phone number. We will respond promptly to your message.


12, What if the business owner did not honour my card or refuse to give a discount?

If you are refused of a discount, please contact our Member Services Team here ASAP. In your message, include the business name, address, offer number and date you tried to use, and the contact person if possible. We will endeavour to solve the issue as soon as possible.


13, How long is the valid period of the card?

It is a six-month membership where you can enjoy the perks of being a member while purchasing for a good cause. We have an early bird promo of up to three months extra membership for those who purchased their CommunityBeyond Discount Card in advance.


14, How long does the card delivery take?

All our standard delivery is provided by Australian Post. Normally it should take no more than 7 working days.


15, What is the return policy and guarantee?

We value all our clients. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your card, you can return the unused card within 30 days of your purchase along with the proof of purchase to Po Box 1842, Macquarie Centre, NSW 2113. Then we will refund the sales after donations and fees to you.


16, How do I renew my card?

To renew an existing card, please go to Your new card will be posted to you within 3 working days which gives you another hundreds of exclusive vouchers and discounts. Enjoy!

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