Fantasy Lineup Help

Esports One Fantasy Lineup Help

Looking to set your first Esports One Fantasy lineup? We have you covered with a deep guide to understanding what a fantasy lineup consists of

Contests Guide

Esports One Fantasy Contests Guide

All of our team has been hard at work striving to make Esports One Fantasy even better for all of you. We have redesigned parts

Esports One Bytes

Esports One Bytes Guide

Esports One Bytes Guide Esports One Fantasy has turned it up another notch for fantasy players. We have reworked our virtual currency, Bytes, that was

NLC Fantasy

Fantasy Guide to NLC Fall Open

E1 Fantasy has partnered with the NLC to bring an exclusive fantasy League of Legends experience to the fans! You can play fantasy for free

Patch Notes 1.2 - ready for playoffs

Playoffs: Format & Scoring

We discuss the LEC/LCS Playoffs Format including; changes to scoring, duration, changes to Champion pick for Captains and prizes

Pick and Avoid Week 9 Summer 2020

Guide to LCS Week 8

To pick, or not to pick. Who to avoid is just as important as to who you flock towards as you need to make sure

Official Fantasy Rules and Scoring

RULES All participants will complete a lineup using Players and Teams from the available player pool, which consists of all Organizations participating in the upcoming

Top 3 Lineup Strategies

You know that feeling of when you go grocery shopping when you are absolutely starving? You arrive with a plan of what you want to