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Team Overview

After a less than ideal 6th place finish in Summer split, Vitality replaced over half of their roster in hope of getting back to their winning ways. Instead of signing established veterans, Vitality chose to fill their team with players who will be making their LEC debut.

2019 Starters

Top: Cabochard

Jungle: Mowgli

Mid: Jiizuke

Bot: Attila

Support: Jactroll

2020 Starters

Top: Cabochard

Jungle: Skeanz – Former Vitality.Bee

Mid: Milica – Former Vodafone Giants

Bot: Comp – Former LDLC

Support: Jactroll

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Cabochard

Having been in the LEC for the last 6 years, Cabochard is a leader and a stabilizing presence for the three rookies joining the team in 2020. Last Summer, Cabochard ranked 10th in average fantasy points scored per game among all LCS/LEC top laners (17.8 ppg) (min 5 GP). He consistently performed well in lane compared to other LEC top laners, having the second best GD10 (+187), and the second best CSD10 (+4.4). This ability to get ahead by himself in lane inspires confidence that he’ll be able to repeat last year’s performance regardless of how well his new teammates do.  If you want to save money in the top lane with little risk to ruin your week, Cabochard is a good choice.

Jungle: Skeanz

Skeanz has been competing in amateur tournaments for the last 3 years, and he finally now has his chance to compete in the LEC. He was able to put up some impressive stats during the LFL Summer regular season last year, averaging 4.2 kills, 1.9 deaths, 6.8 assists, and 162.2 CS per game. If he were already in the LEC with these stats, Skeanz would have been the second highest average fantasy points per game scorer (24 ppg) out of all LCS/LEC players, just behind G2’s Jankos. Skeanz exclusively played carry junglers like Lee Sin and Rek’Sai, so it’s no wonder he managed to score so well with his team’s winning record. As with any new team made up of mostly rookies, Vitality’s future is uncertain, so don’t pick Skeanz until that is more clear.

 Mid Lane: Milica

Milica’s former team, Vodafone Giants, has now seen three of their players go from the amateur scene straight to the LEC this past offseason. Vodafone Giants finished the SLO regular season last Summer in first place, and Milica averaged 3.3 kills, 1.5 deaths, 6.2 assists, and 302.6 CS per game. This would have translated to 23.8 average fantasy points per game, which would have made him the 6th highest ranked player in that stat among all LCS/LEC mid laners last Summer. Having finished in first place, you’d think Milica would have been able to accrue more fantasy points, but he still fell short of the top scorers by 3-5 points per game. If Vitality manage to be at least a decent team, Milica should have no trouble breaking into the top 10 in ppg. That is the question though, can Vitality still find success with three rookies? Until the team has a couple of weeks worth of games under their belt, it will be a gamble to start anyone from their team, Milica included.

 Bot Lane: Comp

Hailing from the LFL and team LDLC, Comp is making his LEC debut with Vitality. He was absolutely killing it during the LFL Summer regular season last year, averaging 6.5 kills, 1.93 deaths, 7.07 assists, and 310.57 CS per game. These stats would have translated to a MASSIVE 34.4 points per game. If Comp can get anywhere even close to doing this well with Vitality this split, he’ll easily be a top scorer among all LCS/LEC bot laners. If you want to take a gamble week 1 in the bot laner position, the risk reward present in picking Comp is unmatched.

 Support: Jactroll

Returning for his fifth split with Vitality, Jactroll along with Cabochard look to lead this new squad of rookies toward a successful Spring split. Jactroll’s fantasy performance last Summer definitely reflected Vitality’s 6th place finish, with him ranking 17th out of all LCS/LEC supports (9.8 ppg). Jactroll actually led the league in deaths per game (3.7), and his less than average amount of assists didn’t help compensate. His poor performance last year on top of Vitality’s unpredictability all points to Jactroll not being a good pick in any capacity at the beginning of the split.

🛡️ Team: Team Vitality

Last Summer, Vitality ranked 12th in average fantasy points scored per game among all 20 LCS/LEC teams. With 3 new players joining the team, it’s entirely possible Vitality’s whole playstyle could have changed, which could lead to potentially more or less points per game. Picking them week one would be a pretty big risk, with not much reward even if they end up winning. The best course of action would be to wait a couple of weeks to see how the new roster is affecting their team scoring.

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