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Team Overview

Team Liquid looks to continue their LCS dominance, only making one change to their roster this offseason, but a very significant ‘one change.’ Team Liquid capped off their amazing 2019 with an LCS title, but didn’t have the same amount of success when it came to fantasy. Unlike their 1st place LEC counterparts, G2 Esports, Liquid had all of their players, other than CoreJJ, finish outside the top 4 in fantasy points per game at their position.

2019 Starters

Top: Impact

Jungle: Xmithie

Mid: Jensen

Bot: Doublelift

Support: CoreJJ

2020 Starters

Top: Impact

Jungle: Broxah- Former Fnatic

Mid: Jensen

Bot: Doublelift

Support: CoreJJ

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Impact

After winning worlds with SKT in 2013, Impact has put together strong seasons for winning teams that has cemented him as an elite top laner in the LCS, both real life and fantasy. Last year, Impact ranked third in average fantasy points per game out of all LCS/LEC top laners with an average points per game of (21.8 ppg) (min 6 GP). He has a reputation for being an unkillable rock in the top lane, and the stats back that up. In ‘19 LCS Summer Split, Impact had the second least amount of deaths (36) over the entire split among all top laners in the LCS, and his KDA (4.6) was the highest. The biggest increase to Impact’s value could come from Liquid’s addition of Broxah to the roster. Over in the LEC in ‘19, Broxah helped propel Fnatic’s Bwipo to the highest scoring top laner of all of LCS/LEC. Impact’s history of success and safety will drive a high price, but that same history shows that he will almost always be able to score up to his value. He would be a good pairing with players that are cheaper but more risky, so at least you’ll have some guaranteed points up top if your risk doesn’t pay off.

Jungle: Broxah

(Note: Our analysis is written under the assumption that Broxah will be able to get his visa in time and not miss any LCS matches) 

Team Liquid’s only roster swap of the off season saw veteran jungler and long-time teammate of Doublelift, Xmithie, replaced by Fnatic’s jungler, Broxah. From a strictly fantasy standpoint, this is a big upgrade in the jungle position for TL. Last year, out of all the LCS and LEC junglers that started more than 5 games, Xmithie was ranked 6th (19.3 ppg) in average fantasy points per game compared to Broxah ranking 2nd (22 ppg). Xmithie is a talented jungler, but he’s usually not the guy getting fed and paving the road to victory like Broxah was for Fnatic. For example, last summer split Xmithie ranked 6th in total kills across the split compared to Broxah ranking 2nd (see a correlation to fantasy points there?). As for most players with a history of fantasy dominance, Broxah will take a big chunk of your budget come game day, but you can expect him to be top 3 in jungler scoring on a weekly basis

 Mid Lane: Jensen

When it came to fantasy points per game, Jensen was clearly a step below the upper echelon of heavy hitter mids like Caps and Nemesis. He ranked 7th out of all LCS/LEC mids in that stat (21.9 ppg), but he is set up with the potential to be a top scorer on any given week. Last summer, Jensen had the lowest first blood percentage in the league (6%), and the second worst gold difference at 10 minutes (-133). Despite the stats showing that Liquid neglected Jensen in the early game, he still ranked 2nd among all LCS mids in kills and KDA (65 and 5.1, respectively). These stats are an indicator that if this trend continues, even when his team is completely ignoring him, Jensen still puts up points consistently. Plus, Liquid added Broxah, who was the jungler for the highest scoring mid and top laners last year, giving potential for Jensen’s points per game to rise even higher! By being just outside the ranks of the best scoring mids, Jensen won’t cost a fortune, which can pair him well with another star player to join your roster for the week.

 Bot Lane: Doublelift

The poster boy of the LCS is back and looking to build on the LCS title season that saw him rank 5th out of all LCS/LEC bottom laners in fantasy points scored per game (26.3 ppg). This non-top 4 rank may come as a surprise to some people, but it is more telling of just how strong the european bot laners that took up the remaining 4 spots were. Even in the LCS though, Doublelift is still a consistent point generator mainly due to how he just blows the competition away in kills. Doublelift led the LCS in total kills, blowing out second place by 15, which is absurd when you realize the average difference between ranks is 4… Clearly, he’s unrivaled when it comes to kills in the LCS, and that translates to plenty of fantasy points. However, if the trend of european bot lane dominance continues, Doublelift may not top the fantasy charts among both leagues each week. The top scoring bot laner when it came to average fantasy points per game last year was UpseT from the LEC, with an average of 30.2 compared to Doublelift’s 26.3.  It’s a safe bet that Doublelift will lead the LCS in fantasy points for bot laners, but him surpassing his LEC counterparts is unlikely.

 Support: CoreJJ

Accompanying Doublelift once again in the bottom lane is the former world champion CoreJJ. CoreJJ was a powerhouse last year when it came to average fantasy points scored per game, ranking third out of all starting LCS/LEC supports with an average of 16.7 points per game. The most indicative stat for a support’s scoring potential is their assists, and there were no shortage of assists for the support of the bot laner with the most kills last summer. During the LCS summer split last year, CoreJJ had the second most amount of assists at 183, and was ahead of the third place support by 40 assists. The only support with more assists last year was Zeyzal, but he’s now on a new team with an uncertain future, so for now that puts CoreJJ as the highest scoring LCS support coming into 2020. When factoring in LEC players, CoreJJ isn’t the absolute best pick, but similar to Jensen, you’re paying for the security of guaranteed points.

🛡️ Team: Team Liquid

Despite Team Liquid’s players historically not placing in the top 3 of fantasy scorers, Team Liquid scored 20.8 points per game on average last year as a team, putting them as the second highest scoring squad behind Fnatic. High scoring teams in fantasy thrive on objective focused victories, and that’s Team Liquid’s bread and butter. For comparison, G2 Esports, a team that wins by snowballing upon kills rather objectives, ranked 6th out of all LCS/LEC teams in average points scored per game. Team Liquid’s objective focused play style is highlighted by their ‘19 LCS summer split stats, leading the league in first 3 turrets percentage as well as first Dragon percentage. On weeks where it looks like TL is for sure going to win their games, you know they’ll maximize points scored in their win and make your investment worthwhile.

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