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Team Overview

Both Spring and Summer LEC splits were mediocre for SK Gaming, finishing 6th and 7th respectively in the regular season of each. Coming into 2020, SK are looking to turn that around by replacing their jungler and support with Trick from Schalke 04 and an amateur player named LIMIT from ad hoc gaming.

2019 Starters

Top: Sacre

Jungle: Selfmade

Mid: Pirean/Jenax

Bot: Crownshot

Support: Dreams

2020 Starters

Top: Sacre

Jungle: Trick – Former Schalke 04

Mid: Jenax

Bot: Crownshot

Support: LIMIT – Former ad hoc gaming

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Sacre

Coming off of his first LEC split last Summer, Sacre has another chance to prove that he belongs in the league. Of all SK players, Sacre ranked the lowest at his position in average fantasy points scored per game, finishing 15th out of all top laners in the LCS/LEC (15.7 ppg) (min 5 GP). He averaged 2.2 kills and 2.3 deaths per game, so naturally his individual fantasy ranking matched with how his team performed, which was a 7th place finish (7-11 record). He’s not expected to rise in the ranks, being the lowest fantasy scorer relative to their position on the team, so he should remain unpicked early in the split.

Jungle: Trick

Trick is joining SK Gaming for the Spring split after his rather successful year with Schalke 04. Last Summer, Trick ranked 3rd in average fantasy points scored per game out of all LCS/LEC junglers (20.9 ppg) (min 5 GP). His average of 2.9 kills and 7.6 assists per game put him just below the top tier of junglers like Broxah and Jankos. Trick was able to ride S04’s recent success to a top 3 ranking, but he isn’t expected to do the same with SK Gaming in 2020. The star power on this team just isn’t there, so Trick will not be worth his inflated price at the beginning of the split.

 Mid Lane: Jenax

Jenax exploded onto the scene at the tail end of the LEC Summer regular season with some big time performances over the last seven games. He ended up finishing the year as the 2nd highest average fantasy points scored per game score of all LCS/LEC mid laners (25.7 ppg). It sounds fantastic at first, but expectations about him should be tempered given the context. Those seven games were against teams like Origen and Misfits that were already doing terribly, and Jenax didn’t have to go against the best mid laners in the LEC. This is a good start, but until Jenax is able to maintain this average points per game over a longer stretch of games and against the best mid laners as well, he’ll be a risky pick. Don’t pick Jenax at the beginning of the split, especially because they’ll be playing G2 week one.

 Bot Lane: Crownshot

In contrast to Jenax earning a high average fantasy points per game ranking over just seven games, Crownshot did something more impressive. After starting for every regular season game, Crownshot ranked 8th (22 ppg) in average fantasy points per game among all LCS/LEC bot laners despite his team finishing the regular season in 7th with a 7-11 record. Normally a bot laner on a 7-10th place team would be well outside of the top 10, but thanks to having the highest kill participation (71.9%) and the second highest damage percentage (30.7%) of all LEC bot laners last Summer, Crownshot was able to hang with the high rollers in the top 10. Crownshot proved that he’ll be putting up points no matter his teams result, making him an incredibly safe player with some upside in victorious weeks.

 Support: LIMIT

The LEC 2020 Spring split will be LIMIT’s first taste of competition in a major region after spending 2 years in the amateur scene. During one of his most recent tournaments, LIMIT averaged 1.0 kills, 3.1 deaths, 10.9 assists, and 42 CS per game. With these stats, he would have ranked 5th in average fantasy points scored per game among all LCS/LEC supports (17 ppg). You could argue that these stats show he is ready for the talent jump, but it is tough to expect anybody to take that jump in stride. He is laning with Crownshot, who is expected to score well win or lose, so perhaps that will bump up LIMIT’s score as a byproduct. He may turn out to be a decent option as the split continues, but early on the gamble just won’t be worth it.

🛡️ Team: SK Gaming

With SK’s 7th place finish last Summer, it’s no surprise that as a team they ranked 14th in average fantasy points scored per game as a team out of all the LCS/LEC teams. Some of their team stats were decent, and others not so much. They had the second best first blood percentage in the LEC with 63%, but they had the worst Rift Herald percentage in the LEC with 26%. Most of their other team stats were in the bottom 5, which further explains their ranking. They won’t be expensive at the start of the split, but there will be other teams like TSM and 100T that will be more likely to perform well out of the gate while still having a low price.

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