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Team Overview

After falling just short of appearing in the finals last summer split, Schalke decided to change up over half of their roster. During the offseason they recruited two of the most outspoken players in the LEC in Gilius and FORG1VEN, as well as one of LEC’s only korean imports, Dreams. Gilius and FORG1VEN will surely help garner a larger fanbase, but many people wonder if these two will actually be the ones to push Schalke 04 to greater heights.

2019 Starters

Top: Odoamne

Jungle: Trick

Mid: Abbedagge

Bot: Upset

Support: IgNar

2020 Starters

Top: Odoamne

Jungle: Gilius – Former Ad hoc Gaming

Mid: Abbedagge

Bot: FORG1VEN – Former Origen

Support: Dreams – Former SK Gaming

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Odoamne

For the past 4 years, Odoamne hasn’t been on a team that finished above third place in the LEC. Last Summer was one of his better chances at doing so, but it still didn’t pan out. During that split, Odoamne ranked 10th out of all LCS/LEC top laners in average fantasy points per game (17.3 ppg) (min 5 GP). Odoamne was definitely not the star of the team, and this was very clearly reflected in his average ppg and Summer split stats. Odoamne actually led all LEC top laners in the death percentage statistic (29.2%), as well as having the second least amount of kills per game (1.8). The only reason why he was still able to be an average scorer was because of all the assists he was acquiring (6.7, second highest in the LEC) from his much higher scoring teammates like Trick, Abbedagge, and Upset. With Abbedagge being the only returning player out of those three, it’s uncertain whether Odoamne well resort back to this more supportive playstyle, or if he’ll try to get more kills for himself. Don’t pick Odoamne until this has been decided, because it will make a huge difference in how many points he will be expected to score.

Jungle: Gilius

The infamous European jungler is starting on a LEC team for the first time since the 2018 Summer split with Team Vitality. Since 2018, he’s played on a couple of teams in other leagues, with one of his most recent performances coming with Beşiktaş Esports in the TCL 2019 winter season. Gilius played 6 games, averaging 2.3 kills, 2.3 deaths, and 4.8 assists per game, which is decent in a vacuum. These stats would place him anywhere from 10-15th out of all LCS/LEC junglers in average fantasy points scored per game, which would be okay in the LEC, but you expect his stats to be much more impressive in a minor region. Compared to Trick last year, Gilius is certainly a downgrade. Don’t plan on picking him to start as he will have to first get back up to LEC form.

 Mid Lane: Abbedagge

Abbedagge is the highest scoring player to return to the Schalke roster for this year. Last Summer, he ranked 5th in average fantasy points scored per game among all LCS/LEC mids (24 ppg) (min 5 GP), proportionate with S04’s 4th place finish. Abbedagge’s Summer split stats weren’t extraordinary, but he consistently was around the 5th best or better in most of them, showing he played around the same level as his team as a whole was performing. It’s uncertain whether Schalke 04 will be able to perform up to last year’s standards given the unpredictability of Gilius and FORG1VEN, so it would be best to keep away from Abbedagge when the split begins.

 Bot Lane: FORG1VEN

The fan-favorite bot laner has been away from the LEC for over 3 years while he was doing his Greek mandatory military service. Many people have wondered if he still has what it takes to be a top bot laner 3 years later, and he looks to prove that he’s still more than capable. FORG1VEN’s most recent pro appearance came in a first place finish at the European Masters ‘18 Spring event with Origen. He performed quite well, with 3.7 kills, 1.5 deaths, and 5.7 assists per game during the tournament. These stats would have placed him around 8th-12th in average fantasy points scored among all LCS/LEC bot laners last year. These stats are promising, but we have to remember that this tournament was now almost 2 years ago. He hasn’t played a single professional game since then, and his skill level in a team setting is an unknown at the moment. Also, he’s replacing the highest scoring bot laner in both the LCS and LEC (Upset), so we can’t expect him to fill that large of a role instantly. If you’d like to take a big risk week one, FORG1VEN will be quite the gamble. His unpredictability coming into 2020 makes him a dangerous pick that could potentially pay off if S04 come out the gate swinging

 Support: Dreams

Coming over from SK gaming after their 7th place (7-11) regular season finish is one of the few Koreans in the LEC, Dreams. Last summer, he ranked 11th in average fantasy points scored per game out of all LCS/LEC supports (12 ppg) despite SK’s 7th place finish. Many SK players ranked quite high in average fantasy points per game, and Dreams reaped the benefits of this to find himself among supports on teams that had records closer to .500. His placing indicates that Dreams is able to keep up with his teammates and score proportionally to how they score every game. So, his fantasy performance this split will be mostly tied to how Schalke 04 is expected to perform. Expectations aren’t high at the moment, given the unpredictability of Gilius and especially FORG1VEN as his lane partner, so it would be best to wait and see how this new S04 fares at the start of the split.

🛡️ Team: Schalke 04

Last summer, Schalke 04 ranked 8th out of all LCS/LEC teams in average fantasy points scored per game as a team, which puts them on the lower end of the top 4 teams in each region. Their below average early game stats are mainly to blame for this placing as they had the third worst first blood percentage (33%), the fourth worst first tower percentage (44%), and were behind -116 gold on average at 15 minutes every game. Schalke 04 very often waited until after 30 minutes to catch up/scale and finish the game (33.9 avg game time, 2nd highest in LEC). Without their decent record (11-7), they would have easily been outside the top 10. If Schalke 04’s trend of waiting until after 30 minutes to win continues, expect their average points per game to only get worse this split.

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