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Team Overview

2019 was a year of continuous improvement for Rogue as an LEC team. They finished the Spring regular season in last place, then went on to finish in 5th during the Summer. By only replacing one player on the team, they’re indicating that they’re happy with the improvements they made, and are ready to enter this new year with a fresh start.

2019 Starters

Top: Profit/Finn

Jungle: Inspired

Mid: Larssen

Bot: Woolite

Support: Vander

2020 Starters

Top: Finn

Jungle: Inspired

Mid: Larssen

Bot: Hans sama – Former Misfits

Support: Vander

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Finn

Finn wasn’t able to showcase his talent until the final 5 games of the LEC Summer regular season, but his wait was well worth it. Within just 5 games, Finn was able to secure the 2nd highest rank among all LCS/LEC top laners in average fantasy points per game last Summer (22 ppg) (min 5 GP). Three of these five games were against the 1st, 3rd, and 4th place team in the regular season, so these points weren’t just generated from one-sided matches. Finn had the 2nd highest damage percent (25.4%) while also having the 3rd lowest gold percentage (20.6%) among all LEC top laners last Summer. This indicates that he was able to be a carry for the team without requiring lots of gold to get him fed, which is valuable because being less gold reliant allowed him to carry, even from behind. Finn’s price will above average to start the split, but if what he showed to end Summer proves real, he’ll definitely be worth the price.

Jungle: Inspired

Having earned the LEC Rookie of the Split award last Summer, Inspired has returned to Rogue in order to capitalize on his success. Not only did he make an impact as a team player, but his average fantasy points per game ranking of 8th (16.5 ppg) among all LCS/LEC junglers wasn’t so bad either (min 5 GP). Inspired and Larssen are credited with playing an important role in Rogue’s ascension from last in the LEC to 5th, and the way the gold was distributed reflected that. Out of all LEC junglers last summer, Inspired had the second highest gold percentage (17.2%) and was able to have more agency each game as a result. Inspired won’t score huge points very often, but his top ten fantasy points per game ranking indicates that he’s worth the slightly above average price if Rogue’s upcoming matches look good for him.

 Mid Lane: Larssen

Last Summer, Larssen was the runner up by only one point for the LEC rookie of the split award, and this year he’s looking to further prove why he was in such close consideration. Larssen climbed his way up the crowded mid laner fantasy board, working his way to 6th place in average fantasy points scored per game last Summer among all LCS/LEC mids (21.9 ppg). Larssen’s ability to dish out tons of damage and not feed kills to the enemy was a large contributor towards his fantasy success. Larssen had the second highest damage percent (28.2%) and the lowest death percent (14.3%) of all LEC mids last split. As mentioned earlier, he’s the second half of the mid and jungle duo that was largely responsible for Rogue’s rise from 10th to 5th between Summer and Spring last year. Expect Larssen to remain a top 10 fantasy points scorer coming into 2020.

 Bot Lane: Hans sama

Hans sama chose to abandon the sinking ship that was Misfits last Summer after their 9th place regular season finish so he could join Rogue, as they seem to be on the rise. Misfit’s poor performance definitely affected Hans sama’s fantasy points scored per game ranking of 18th out of all LCS/LEC bot laners (18.8 ppg). His previous years with Misfits, including back in 2017 where they took SKT to 5 games at worlds, showed that he was capable of much more than their 9th place finish last split. None of his stats from last Summer stood out too much, but by joining a team that should outperform his team last split, Hans sama will be a good budget option at the beginning of the split. We can expect the winning culture to motivate him to get back to his old self.

 Support: Vander

Just like last year, Vander is Rogue’s most experienced player, having been in the LEC since 2014. Last Summer, Vander proved that still has what it takes to be a top support, ranking 8th in average fantasy points scored per game among all LCS/LEC supports (12.8 ppg). Similar to Hans sama, his stats weren’t extraordinary, and more so just reflected how his team performed overall. So, with Rogue expected to remain an average at worst team this split, Vander will most likely remain a top 10 supports in terms of fantasy points.

🛡️ Team: Rogue

Despite all of Rogue’s players scoring well individually, their fantasy scoring as a team was not at all reflective of their 5th place regular season finish last summer. Out of all the LCS/LEC teams, Rogue ranked 15th in average fantasy points scored per game with 12.5 points per game. A large reason why was their terrible objective control, ranking dead last in dragon control rate (38%) and baron control rate (33%). Their other stats like first tower rate and first blood rate were about average, but not enough to make up for lost objectives. Having only changed one player between years, it’s safe to assume their gameplan won’t change, so expect Rogue to score worse than expected as a team.

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