Team Overview

For Misfits, last year was a disappointing year both in terms of LEC and fantasy performance. The organization nearly revamped their entire roster in hopes of turning around their recent streak of poor finishes. The only player from their ‘19 Summer roster that is coming back is Dan Dan, with the other four spots being filled with players making their LEC debut.

2019 Starters

Top: Dan Dan/Soaz

Jungle: Kirei/Maxlore

Mid: LIDER/Febiven

Bot: Neon/Hans sama

Support: GorillA/H1IVA/Doss

2020 Starters

Top: Dan Dan

Jungle: Razork – Former Vodafone Giants

Mid: Ronaldo – Former Fnatic Rising

Bot: Bvoy – Former Furious Gaming

Support: denyk – Former Vodafone Giants

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Dan Dan

Dan Dan is the only returning player from Misfits’ 9th place finish last summer (6-12 record). During that split, Dan Dan ranked 20th in average fantasy points scored per game out of all top laners in the LEC/LCS (13.4 ppg) (min 5 GP). Obviously, ranking 20th isn’t desirable, however, maybe there’s a reason Dan Dan was the only player remaining on the roster. Last summer, his laning stats were actually quite good. His average GD10 was only -98, his average XPD10 was +181, and he had the highest CSPM among all LEC top laners at 9.1. Perhaps with a better team around him, he can use his solid lane fundamentals to propel him to a higher score every week. Misfits’ roster coming into 2020 is still not expected to do well though, so hold off on picking Dan Dan (or anyone on Misfits for that matter) until their strength is clearer.

Jungle: Razork

After playing in amateur leagues/tournaments like the LVP SLO for the past 3 years, Razork wants to prove that he belongs on the LEC stage. During the most recent LVP SLO Summer season, Razork averaged 1.9 kills, 2.5 deaths, and 7.2 assists per game. These stats, along with his CS, would have made him the 8th highest average fantasy points per game scorer among all LEC/LCS junglers last summer (17.4 ppg). Razork’s team last year (Vodafone Giants) absolutely crushed their competition with a 14-4 record, so it’s a bit strange that Razork wasn’t ranked a bit higher, but his champion limited his upside. His most played champions were Jarvan IV, Skarner, and Gragas, so getting assists over kills on these champs isn’t too surprising. Going from an amateur spanish league to the LEC is quite a big leap, so Razork isn’t expected to maintain this level of play against other junglers. He won’t be putting up major points, and he most likely won’t be more valuable than his price, so keep him out of your lineups.

 Mid Lane: Ronaldo

Another player from the amateur scene, Ronaldo makes his LEC debut. He participated in the European Masters 2019 Summer Main Event last year, and placed 3rd with his team, Fnatic Rising. Normally, we’d use his stats from that event to try and gauge where he’d place among all the LCS/LEC mids in terms of average fantasy points per game. However, during this tournament he played games as both a support and a bot laner (no games mid). So given that, it’s a bit tough to predict how he’ll perform in the LEC as a mid laner after not ever playing the role professionally. To make things simple, don’t pick Ronaldo.

 Bot Lane: Bvoy

Bvoy is a korean bot laner that has played in Korea, China, and Latin America over his four year professional career. He’s perhaps the most experienced of the four new players joining Misfits this split. He most recently competed in the Latin America League closing season, where he placed 3rd with his team, Furious Gaming (12-9 record). During that regular season, Bvoy averaged 5 kills, 1.8 deaths, and 5 assists per game. Adding in his CS, these stats would have made him the 4th highest ranked bot laner among all LCS/LEC bot laners in average fantasy points scored per game (27.5 ppg). These stats prove that Bvoy is certainly ready to have another shot at competing in a major region, and he’ll most likely be the highest fantasy scorer for this new Misfits squad. However, he obtained these stats while on a team with a winning record in the Latin America League, and now he’s on a roster that’s expected to get below 5th in the LEC. It’s true that he’ll probably score the best on the team, but it won’t mean much if the team can’t find wins. Stay away from Bvoy as he tries to find his footing in the LEC.

 Support: denyk

Denyk reunites with his former Vodafone Giants teammate, Razork, on this new Misfits roster. He competed in that same spanish league (LVP SLO) with Razork last Summer where he averaged 1.1 kills, 1.6 deaths, and 8.4 assists per game. With these stats, denyk would have been the 6th highest average fantasy points per game scorer among all LCS/LEC supports last year (15.3 ppg). His team placed 1st in the regular season, so it’s only natural that he ranks highly. However, as is standard for players from the amateur scene coming into a major region league, denyk isn’t expected to maintain this statline once against tougher opponents.

🛡️ Team: Misfits

Last summer, Misfits ranked 18th out of the 20 LCS/LEC teams in average fantasy points per game. That isn’t expected to change much at all this split, as this is more of a talent building year for the organization. Misfit’s new roster has no history of even decent success in other major regions, and one of the players (Ronaldo) has never even played a game in their role professionally before. Expectations for this team are low, so it would be for the best to leave them unpicked.

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