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Team Overview

Formerly known as OpTic Gaming, the Immortals organization returns to the LCS after being absent for the last 4 splits. Immortals came in and completely gutted the old OpTic lineup, so gauging this team’s success will rely mostly on the players’ history going back a couple of years. Immortals brought on board a couple LCS/LEC legends in Xmithie and Soaz, as well as some less accomplished veterans like Altec and Hakuho, leaving Eika as the true wildcard.

2019 Starters (OpTic Gaming)

Top: Dhokla

Jungle: Meteos

Mid: Crown

Bot: Arrow

Support: BIG

2020 Starters (Immortals)

Top: Soaz –Former Fnatic

Jungle: Xmithie – Former Team Liquid

Mid: Eika – Former LDLC (LFL)

Bot: Altec – Former Echo Fox (2018)

Support: Hakuho – Former Echo Fox

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Soaz

After spending the last 7 years in the LEC, Soaz has finally come across the pond to compete for an LCS title. During his time with Misfits last Summer split, Soaz did not live up to his history of success, finishing as one of the worst performing fantasy top laners. In fact, he ranked 21st out of the 24 top laners in the LCS/LEC with an average of 12.6 points per game (min 5 GP).  A significant amount of blame can be attributed to the fact that Misfits finished 9th place in the LEC summer split, with a record of 6-12. However, Soaz played an important role in getting Fnatic to the world championship finals in 2018, so we know he has far more potential than what his time with Misfits indicated. Trust the big picture with Soaz, he is better than his poor ‘19 season will price him at, and use him as a cheap building block to help afford some other studs.

Jungle: Xmithie

Fresh off a dominant two year stint with Team Liquid, Xmithie returns to Immortals to bring the team back to LCS glory like he did in ‘17. In the 2019 Summer split, Xmithie ranked 5th out of all LCS/LEC junglers (min 5 GP) in average fantasy points per game (19.3 ppg), which is low considering Liquid’s domination of the LCS. So what happened? Well, it really just comes down to the fact that 3 of the only 4 junglers above Xmithie are from the LEC, which as a league has a faster pace and a higher CKPM, (combined kills per minute) translating into more fantasy points all around. Xmithie had the best KDA in the LCS (6.4), but even that wasn’t enough to overcome his LEC counterparts (Xmithie averaged 2 kills per game whereas Jankos averaged 4.1). Knowing that Immortals won’t be as good as Team Liquid was last year, Xmithie won’t be worth the top LCS price to start as we can expect his stats to decline as his team’s win total does.

 Mid Lane: Eika

Making his first appearance back in the major region spotlight since his ‘16 EU LCS season, Eika comes all the way from France to showcase what the LFL has taught him. Eika’s 4.9 kills per game in the LFL Summer season would rank him 2nd in the LCS/LEC for mid laners, but we all know the stats won’t transfer over that easily. Anybody that averaged 4.9 kills a game in pro LoL is extremely talented, but he has a large challenge ahead of him transitioning to LCS mids. While on Team LDLC, they placed first in the LFL with a record of 12-2, so it is a great sign that Eika has been leading a winning team and is ready for tougher competition. If Eika can live up to how he was performing over in France, then he will certainly be worth more than the average price that he’ll start the split with.

 Bot Lane: Altec

After not playing professionally for an entire year, Altec makes his return to the LCS. Despite his absence, Altec’s last LCS showing with Echo Fox in the ‘18 Spring split should calm some concerns. That ‘18 Echo Fox squad finished second in the regular season of the spring split with a record of 12-6, with Altec averaging 3.7 kills per game. This would put him in the middle of the pack among bot laners in per game scoring, questioning why he wasn’t picked up by anybody sooner. Obviously this was more than a year ago, though, so it’s best to temper expectations about Altec. We don’t expect him to be anything more than average at first, and his price will reflect that. 

 Support: Hakuho

Rounding out Immortals’ new roster is none other than Hakuho a.k.a “HOOK-uho” for his Thresh plays. Hakuho comes over from Echo Fox, where they finished the regular season in last place with a record of 4-14. Despite his lack of wins last summer, Hakuho ranked 15th out of all LCS/LEC supports in average fantasy points per game (10 ppg). In a vacuum, placing 15th isn’t incredible, but doing so while on the last place LCS team is quite the accomplishment. If Hakuho continues to outperform expectations, he could end up being a valuable pick. Even if Immortals end up finishing the regular season in last place, Hakuho has proven that he will find some way to produce points despite the grim circumstances, and can outperform his low price.

🛡️ Team: Immortals

It’s a bit difficult to gauge how well this new Immortals squad will score as a team because it’s made of an entirely new set of players. A roster with no returning players means using last year’s team stats as a guide is impossible. So, just going off how we think the team will perform based on the players individually, it’s somewhat promising. 4 out of these 5 players have been on a successful LCS/LEC team in the recent past, so it’s not too much of a stretch to assume they’ll be at least an average team to start. So, if you need a team that’s not expensive with a somewhat low risk, Immortals are that team.

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