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Team Overview

The Golden Guardians decided to shake up over half of their roster after tying for 7th place last Summer split. Two of their new members, Goldenglue and Keith, both came over from Cloud9’s academy squad and are well known players within in the LCS/ LCS Academy. As a riskier move, Golden Guardians were one of the few teams that completed their roster by adding a young and unproven player from a small region, grabbing jungler Turkish MVP Closer from the TCL.

2019 Starters

Top: Hauntzer

Jungle: Contractz

Mid: Froggen

Bot: FBI

Support: Olleh

2020 Starters

Top: Hauntzer

Jungle: Closer – Former Royal Youth

Mid: Goldenglue – Former Cloud9 Academy

Bot: FBI

Support: Keith – Former Cloud9 Academy

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Hauntzer

For being the top laner on a team that tied for 7th place, Hauntzer scored just about as well as expected last year. Out of all LCS/LEC top laners, Hauntzer ranked 16th in average fantasy points per game(15.5 ppg) (min 5 GP). With one of the worst KDAs in the LCS (2.5), and an average of only 2 kills per game (with 2.3 deaths per game), his placement in the bottom third makes sense. If this new Golden Guardian’s roster performs better than expectations (which aren’t high, but Hauntzer has disputed by saying, “We aren’t a f***ing 10th place team” in a recent interview), then Hauntzer will end up being a decent pick for what he’s worth. But until that’s the case, he will rarely make it into lineups.

Jungle: Closer

After winning the TCL last summer, receiving MVP honors and participating in the world championship in the fall, Closer looks to prove that he’s ready for a major region. With an average of 2.4 kills and 8 assists per game during the regular season last summer, Closer likely would have ranked in the top 10 of average fantasy points per game scorers out of all LCS/LEC junglers. This would be great news if he were still playing in the TCL, but now that he will be playing in the LCS, these stats are expected to drop quite a bit. Closer will be a very risky pick for some TCL truthers out there, but the sharp increase in talent he will be facing just doesn’t provide the desired upside to start the season.

 Mid Lane: Goldenglue

For many years now, Goldenglue has gone from team to team, constantly switching between the LCS main stage and the academy league, most recently with Cloud9. Now finding a home with the Golden Guardians, he has earned the alliterative title, “Golden Guardians – Greyson ‘Goldenglue’ Gilmer” (or GGGGG for short!). Last summer, Goldenglue played all of his games in the academy league, where he performed spectacularly and made it clear he deserved to be in the LCS. With an average of 5.9 kills and 6.8 assists per game, he was on par with Nemesis (the highest scoring player) in terms of average fantasy points scored per game. However, like Closer, these stats come from when he was on the 1st place team in a league with less than stellar talent. So, despite him having these incredible stats, it would be for the best to temper expectations about Goldenglue coming into spring 2020. Given how this roster is expected to perform, Goldenglue will probably be the highest points scorer on the team, but it won’t mean much if the Golden Guardians can’t generate lots of kills to go with their few and far between victories.

 Bot Lane: FBI

After a ‘19 Summer split that saw FBI start just about half of the games for GG, FBI finished in the middle of the pack in terms of average fantasy points scored per game (19.8 ppg). He averaged almost as many deaths as kills per game (3.4 and 3.1 respectively), and his CS per game (283.1) was around the same as the other bot laners with a similar rank. Considering the fact that the Golden Guardians finished the regular season in a three way tie for 6th, FBI performed just as well as expected. A big wildcard for FBI is the fact that he will be laning with a support in Keith that has NEVER played the support position professionally before. Historically, FBI has always given you what you expect, so you can treat his as a safe option with a solid floor and a low ceiling.

 Support: Keith

Now this is a tough one. As the only player in the LCS role swapping between seasons, it’ll be hard to gauge exactly how well Keith will perform in his new position. While he was playing for Cloud9’s academy team last summer, he was a bot laner, so it’s not too far fetched to assume he gathered a lot of support knowledge from laning with them all the time. CoreJJ, TL’s current support, did the same exact role swap while with Samsung Galaxy in 2016, and he went on to win a world championship with them a year later. Nobody is expecting Keith and the Golden Guardians to win worlds, but he should be able to perform up to standards at the very least. For now, there’s a giant question mark next to Keith in terms of fantasy value, so it would be best to leave him untouched early in the split.

🛡️ Team: Golden Guardians

Last summer split, the Golden Guardians ranked 11th out of all LCS/LEC teams in average fantasy points per game. Their spot in the middle of all of these teams can be attributed to having some good early game stats like 4th best in first tower percent (58%), 3rd best in Rift Herald percentage (58%), and the 4th best first dragon percentage (53%). They were held back by stats like having the third worst first blood rate (42%) and just not winning more games on average (their record last split in the regular season was 8-10). With their new roster, the Golden Guardians aren’t expected to climb out of the bottom half status, and they may even do worse. With that being said, leave this team for now, and only consider picking them as a budget option against the bottom teams.

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