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Team Overview

Last year was by far G2’s most successful year since their founding in 2015, winning both LEC splits and making it all the way to the world championship finals. So it’s not a surprise that they decided to keep all of their players from last year in hopes of repeating their success. All of G2’s players last year were in the top 5 of average fantasy points scored per game at their position. In 2020, G2 players are once again expected to be one of the highest if not the highest point scorers every single week.

2019 Starters

Top: Wunder

Jungle: Jankos

Mid: Caps

Bot: Perkz

Support: Mikyx

2020 Starters

Top: Wunder

Jungle: Jankos

Mid: Perkz

Bot: Caps

Support: Mikyx

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Wunder

It’s pretty crazy that despite being ranked as the 3rd highest average fantasy points scorer per game among LCS/LEC top laners last summer, (21.9 ppg) (min 5 GP) Wunder is still tied with Caps as the lowest ranked player on his team. This speaks to just how incredibly stacked G2 is when it comes to fantasy. The only reason Wunder wasn’t the highest scoring top laner was because of his lack of kills. Last summer split, he averaged 3.4 kills per game, whereas the highest rated top laner (Bwipo of Fnatic) averaged 4.2 kills per game. Wunder still had the best KDA in the LEC (5.2), but because his teammates had so many kills, Wunder would just end up with tons of assists. Usually, when a player is this highly rated, we wouldn’t recommend getting them just because there’s a decent chance they won’t live up to last year right off the bat. However, for every G2 player, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where they won’t be worth their high price. If you want to build a team around a high scoring top laner, Wunder is a strong option.

Jungle: Jankos

Last year, Jankos was easily the best fantasy jungler in both the LCS and LEC. He ranked 1st in average fantasy points scored per game (26.8 ppg), and the next closest jungler had 3.5 less points per game on average, which is a GIGANTIC gap. Jankos was the only jungler to average over 4 kills per game, and this contributed heavily to his insanely high average points. Given that G2 didn’t change their roster, and they just recently came off of a worlds finals appearance, it’s safe to say that Jankos will be able to maintain this level of dominance well into the Spring 2020 split. Just like with every other member on G2, if you’d like to build a roster around a high scoring jungler, look no further than G2’s very own Jankos. Of all top tier players, Jankos actually provides the most value because the difference between him and the next jungler is a larger gap than any other position leader has.

 Mid Lane: Perkz

As a bot laner last year, Perkz was the second highest ranked of them all in both the LCS and LEC (27.8 ppg). With an average of 5.2 kills per game, it’s no surprise that he was able to rank this highly. But now Perkz ventures back to his old stomping ground, the mid lane! With his amazing talent and past experience as mid, Perkz will still be able to terrorize the LEC from the new spot. However, you should expect a slight downtick in fantasy points from Perkz as mid, coming as a result of losing some support. Bot-Perkz outscored Mid-Caps by about 2 points per game last split, so it would make sense if those couple points go to Caps now. No matter what, Perkz is still a very comfortable bet to finish top 3 at the position and he will be worth the price on a weekly basis.

 Bot Lane: Caps

As G2’s mid laner last Summer, Caps was the 3rd highest average fantasy points per game scorer in the role between both the LCS and LEC (25.6 ppg) (min 5 GP). Despite having the highest average kills per game in the role (5.5), he still ranked behind Nemesis and Jenax overall since he averaged less assists (4.6) and CS (226) per game. Even though Caps is OFFICIALLY moving down into the bot lane, we have no concern about this switch negatively affecting his stats. Him and Perkz always played a very similar style and really put up interchangeable stat lines each game. This move to bot actually will benefit Caps more, as he will have a little more support to focus on his damage output. As scary as it sounds, expect and uptick in stats for Caps and use him as a centerpiece of your lineups. I don’t blame you for avoiding him Week 1 with the new role, but we still expect Caps to finish top 3 at the position by the end of the split.

 Support: Mikyx

Finally, the cherry to top off this insanely stacked roster is none other than Mikyx. Last summer, Mikyx was the highest ranked support in the LCS/LEC when it came to average fantasy points scored per game (18.6 ppg). When your team generates the most kills in the LEC (366 last summer), it’s no surprise that as a support your fantasy points scored per game would shoot up from the large amount of assists you’re able to rack up. Mikyx led the LEC in that stat, with 11.1 assists per game, which was almost a full assist more on average than the second place IgNar (10.2). If G2 continue their reign of terror over the LEC as expected, Mikyx will have no problem maintaining his number one spot. If, for some reason, you want your highest scoring player to be your support, by all means go for Mikyx.

🛡️ Team: G2 Esports

Despite all of G2’s players being among the highest scorers in their respective roles, G2 as a team was tied for 5th in terms of average fantasy points scored per game (19.1 ppg). This can be explained by the fact that G2 had the lowest average game time of every single LEC/LCS team at 26.9 minutes. The next closest team was Misfits, with an average of 30.9 minutes. Winning under 30 minutes is nice for the extra 2 points, but when the game ends that quickly, a team deprives themselves from being able to kill extra Barons and Dragons. Higher scoring teams like Fnatic had longer games (32.4 mins) on average, which led to them scoring more points from the increased amount of objectives. So, G2 probably won’t be the absolute highest scorer as a team, but you can count on them to bring in the points consistently, as their record from last summer (15-3) indicated. If you want that security week after week, then they are a safe bet, otherwise go for a team that has a similar record with a longer game time like Team Liquid or Fnatic had last year.

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