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Team Overview

Right behind G2, Fnatic was easily the second best fantasy team last Summer split. All the players, as well as the team, were in the top 5 average fantasy points scorers for their position. During the offseason, Fnatic’s former jungler Broxah left to compete in the LCS with Team Liquid, but they recruited SK’s jungler, Selfmade, to fill his shoes.

2019 Starters

Top: Bwipo

Jungle: Broxah

Mid: Nemesis

Bot: Rekkles

Support: Hylissang

2020 Starters

Top: Bwipo

Jungle: Selfmade – Former SK Gaming

Mid: Nemesis

Bot: Rekkles

Support: Hylissang

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Bwipo

More than a year after replacing Fnatic’s former legendary top laner Soaz, Bwipo has proven that he was more than capable of living up to Soaz’s legacy. Despite Fnatic finishing just behind G2 in the regular season last Summer, Bwipo led all top laners in fantasy points per game (24.8 ppg). Even though he was tied for the most average deaths per game (3.3), Bwipo’s average of 4.2 kills and 7.0 assists per game propelled him to the number one spot. This was made possible in part due to Bwipo always playing a high damage champion like Aatrox or Renekton. The top lane meta is looking to be similar to last Summer coming into 2020 Spring, so Bwipo is expected to maintain this level of play. If you want to build a roster around the highest scoring top laner of the split, Bwipo is your guy.

Jungle: Selfmade

After a disappointing split with SK Gaming, Selfmade is reuniting with his former teammate from MAD Lions, Nemesis, for a much more promising year. Last Summer, Selfmade and SK Gaming finished the LEC regular season in 7th place with a 7-11 record, with Selfmade finishing 11th in fantasy points per game at the position. He averaged more deaths than kills (2.6 and 1.9 respectively), but his higher than average amount of assists per game (6.3) is what helped him not rank lower. By moving from a team with a losing record to one that’s expected to be competing for first once again; Selfmade is set up to start scoring much more than his starting price would suggest. Pick him up early to save your budget for more expensive players/teams.

 Mid Lane: Nemesis

Nemesis’ rookie year was one that any rookie coming into the LEC could only dream of having, contending for first place in both splits, and going to the world championship quarterfinals. Nemesis absolutely dominated the other LCS/LEC mid laners when it came to average fantasy points scored per game. He was the highest rated in that regard, with 28 points per game; leading the second place scorer (Jenax) by 2.3 points. What set Nemesis apart from the other high scoring mid laners was his excellence in every stat, and not just one. Caps led in average kills per game (5.5), but he had 2 less assists on average and 74.5 less CS on average. Seeing as how Fnatic didn’t change much this offseason, it’s reasonable to expect Nemesis to once again be at least in the three highest scoring mid laners. He is one of the two best options of all mid laners, but be sure to expect to pay for it.

 Bot Lane: Rekkles

Rekkles is continuing his streak as the longest standing member of Fnatic’s current roster coming into 2020. He has been able to perform above average for many years, and last year was no exception. Last Summer, Rekkles once again proved he has what it takes to be on a top LEC team by ranking 4th in average fantasy points scored per game among all LEC/LCS bot laners (26.4 ppg). The biggest factor that contributed to his high placing last Summer was his large amount of assists per game. Rekkles led among all LCS/LEC bot laners in assists per game with 7.6, which is 1.5 higher than the next closest which was Doublelift at 6.2. Rekkles will live up to his history of fantasy success in 2020, and he’s a good pick for anyone looking for guaranteed points every week, and his lack of topping the position will put him at a slightly lower price than the top bot laners.

 Support: Hylissang

Returning for his 3rd year with Fnatic, Hylissang looks to retain his spot as one of the best supports in the west. His all or nothing support playstyle warranted him a 5th place ranking in average fantasy points scored per game among all LCS/LEC supports (15.8 ppg). His two most played champions last split were Rakan and Pyke, and they’re well known for their high risk, high reward mechanics. Due to this playstyle, Hylissang actually led among all LCS/LEC supports in kills and had the second highest amount of deaths per game (1.7 and 3.9 respectively). Hylissang had far more deaths on average than the rest of the top 5, but his ability to generate more kills for himself as well as keep up in assists is what allowed him to attain such a high rating. Like everyone else on Fnatic (except Nemesis), Hylissang is a safe bet for better than average scoring, while not being the most expensive option on the table.

🛡️ Team: Fnatic

Fnatic’s more controlled and methodical playstyle, compared to G2’s aggressive, kill-focused playstyle, paid off when it came to average fantasy points per game as a team. Fnatic was the highest scoring team in that regard out of all 20 LCS/LEC teams, and for good reason. They averaged the most turrets per game (8.3), the most Barons per game (1.1) and the highest first blood percentage (78%). Add that on top of the fact that their record was 14-4, and that’s a recipe for the best fantasy scorer on average. Fnatic is still expected to perform at about the same level, so they’ll be the most expensive, but they’ll have the highest chance of any team at scoring the most each week.

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