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Team Overview

Dignitas (the now rebranded Clutch Gaming) decided during the offseason to hold onto their star top laner Huni by offering him a 2.3 million dollar 2-year extension, then build a solid team around him. Many thought this move would prove costly for Dignitas not only financially, but in terms of LCS success. However even after securing Huni, Dignitas managed to build a rather formidable roster of LCS talent to compete in the 2020 spring split.

2019 Starters (Clutch Gaming)

Top: Huni

Jungle: Lira

Mid: Damonte

Bot: Cody Sun

Support: Vulcan

2020 Starters (Dignitas)

Top: Huni

Jungle: Grig – Former TSM

Mid: Froggen – Former Golden Guardians

Bot: Johnsun – Former TSM Academy (briefly C9A)

Support: aphromoo – Former 100 Thieves

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Huni

You’d think a player that just received $2.3mil 2-year deal would be coming off a MONSTER MVP season. While he still put up solid numbers, this was no MVP season as Huni ended up 7th out of all LCS/LEC top laners in average fantasy points per game (18.2 ppg) (min 5 GP), far behind top scorer Bwipo (24.8 ppg). Huni’s good placing can be explained by the fact that he had the highest damage percentage (30%) of any top laner in the LCS. By constantly playing champions like Rumble, Akali, and Gangplank, Huni’s ability to deal damage and get kills surpassed many of his opponents. With the meta still favoring damage heavy top laners, expect Huni to perform just as well if this new Dignitas lineup can at least be average, and they cater to his high damage carry playstyle. Out of all tops in LCS/LEC, nobody tries to carry games more than Huni, and that provides Huni some massive point scoring upside.

Jungle: Grig

After being a part of TSM’s revolving door of junglers for a couple of years, Grig has finally found a team where he is the main starter. Despite only playing 4 games last summer, Grig was able to demonstrate his abilities as a jungler. He ranked 6th out of all LCS/LEC junglers in fantasy points scored per game (19.4 ppg), averaging 2.8 kills and 6.5 assists per game last summer. He deserved top ten status within the games he played, but now he has the challenge of being THE guy and needing to play consistently over an entire season for a brand new roster. There is no telling Grig’s ability to play steady across an entire season, and it isn’t worth the risk to start the year.

 Mid Lane: Froggen

Froggen has always been known for his unique champion picks like Anivia and his ability to dictate the pace of the game through the mid lane. After not finding much success with Golden Guardians last year, Froggen has made the jump to Dignitas in hopes of winning an LCS title or going to worlds for the first time since 2014. Froggen finished 10th out of all LCS/LEC mids in average fantasy points per game (20.4 ppg) as the Golden Guardian finished 6th in the LCS. Froggen’s individual laning stats were among the best in the LCS last Summer. His GD10 was +153 (3rd best), his XPD10 was +152 (3rd best again), and to top it all off his DPM was 575 (the best in the LCS). These stats demonstrate how game after game, Froggen was capable of building a lead on his own in the mid lane and using it to output massive amounts of damage throughout the rest of the game. If you’re looking for a mid laner that consistently scores above average, Froggen will be your guy.

 Bot Lane: Johnsun

Johnsun is brand new to the competitive scene, with his only experience being 4 games with TSM Academy last year. All of those games were losses, and his KDA wasn’t impressive (1.33), but it isn’t fair to judge him just off those 4 games alone. Dignitas was willing to acquire him in their Vulcan trade with C9 and immediately start him, so DIG’s confidence should provide some hope to believe he’ll perform better than last time. Being an unknown player, there is no telling what his value will be, but he should be compared to the lower bots in the LCS to start. Wait until his price reflects this and his matchup difficulties become clear before picking him.

 Support: aphromoo

Ever since the start of the LCS back in 2013, aphromoo has been one of the best supports in the league. His experience over countless metas as well as his time spent as a shotcaller is invaluable to any new organization trying to establish themselves as a legitimate team in the LCS. During the LCS ‘19 summer split, aphromoo ranked 12th out of all LCS/LEC supports in average fantasy points scored per game (10.7 ppg). He was on the 100 Thieves squad that finished the regular season tied for 6th, like Froggen with Golden Guardians. But unlike Froggen, aphromoo placed just about where’d he’d be expected to by being a player on a lower tier LCS team. If Dignitas ends up performing as expected, aphromoo will be able to surpass his average points per game from last year rather quickly, but he still won’t break into the upper echelon of supports.

🛡️ Team: Dignitas

With only one player returning from last year’s Clutch Gaming roster, Dignitas will be starting with a clean slate.  In lieu of team stats from last season, their strength will be determined by how they stack up as a group of 5 players versus the rest of the LCS going into the Spring split. Huni, Grig, and aphromoo have proven their talents in the last couple of years with Huni going to worlds finals with SKT, Grig winning the LCS academy league, and aphromoo being the MVP in the LCS 2018 Spring split. Despite not finding success with a team recently, Froggen has proven he’s individually capable with his stats. Johnsun is the only real unknown, but a seed of confidence has been planted by Dignitas trading for him and starting him. Considering all of these individual factors, they’ll most likely finish with a record slightly below .500, pointing to a sub-average fantasy output..

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