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Team Overview

During the offseason, Counter Logic Gaming looked to further push their recent resurgence to the top tier of LCS teams with a few roster swaps. Biofrost was sent back to TSM, where he originally started his LCS career. They also acquired Crown from OpTic Gaming (now Immortals) to replace PowerOfEvil in the mid lane.

2019 Starters

Top: Ruin

Jungle: Wiggily

Mid: PowerOfEvil

Bot: Stixxay

Support: Biofrost

2020 Starters

Top: Ruin

Jungle: Wiggily

Mid: Crown

Bot: Stixxay

Support: Smoothie

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Ruin

Starting for his second split in a row this spring, Ruin is still struggling to find his footing on CLG. Despite having the second highest amount of total kills among top laners (50) during the ‘19 summer split, he ranked 12th out of all LCS/LEC tops in average fantasy points per game (16.6 ppg) (min 5 GP). This can be explained by his less than ideal KDA last summer split, as he finished dead last in the stat among all top laners (2.3). Being able to get a lot of kills is great for getting more fantasy points, but also leading the LCS in deaths for top laners (51) will cut down those points significantly. Only pick Ruin if your budget is limited and you’re willing to gamble on Ruin racking up kills without an equal amount of deaths over the weekend for Counter Logic Gaming.

Jungle: Wiggily

Wiggily is yet another curious case of high kills but low average fantasy points per game. Last summer split, Wiggily led the LCS in total kills among junglers with 42 kills. But, there were still 3 other LCS junglers ranked higher than him in average fantasy points per game (Wiggily ranked 8th overall with 17 ppg). Similar to Ruin, Wiggily had almost the same amount of kills as deaths, which lowered his KDA to be only the third best out of all starting LCS junglers last summer. So, just like Ruin, we advise only to pick Wiggily if your budget it tight and you can accept the risk of at worst, an average performance.

Mid Lane: Crown

Formerly of OpTic Gaming (now Immortals), Crown had a lackluster summer split last year in terms of fantasy performance relative to expectations. While with OpTic, he ranked 14th out of all LCS/LEC mids in average fantasy points scored per game (18.4 ppg) (min 5 GP). Despite his poor fantasy performance last year, a new environment could be just what Crown needs in order to climb the rankings. His laning stats such as gold difference at 10, and CS per minute are 4th and 1st in the league respectively (41, 9.3). Stats like these indicate that no matter what team he’s on, he can show up in the laning phase, generate a lead on his own, and have the potential to carry every game. If Crown can keep up these impressive stats, a new team with a recent history of success will certainly shoot him up the tier list. Crown will be a valuable pick because he will be able to outperform what his starting price suggests.

Bot Lane: Stixxay

Stixxay once again makes his return to Counter Logic Gaming for the 2020 spring split as the longest standing member of their current roster. If last year’s stats are anything to go by, Stixxay will get passed up week after week. In average fantasy points earned per game last year, Stixxay ranked 16th with 19.1 average points per game out of all LCS/LEC bot laners (min 5 GP). Looking at his in-game stats isn’t very encouraging either, with his total kills and KDA  from last summer split both being in the bottom 5 among all starting bot laners. Unlike Crown, there aren’t any signs pointing towards his score improving due to a new team. However, if CLG starts the split strong, he may be a good pickup for a couple of weeks before his price catches up with his performance.

Support: Smoothie

After two splits with TSM, Smoothie has come to trade places with Biofrost. While with TSM last year, Smoothie was average when it came to scoring fantasy points. With an average of 12.3 points scored per game, he was the 10th highest scoring support out of all LCS/LEC supports that played last year (min 5 GP). His lower ranking can be attributed to the fact that last summer split, he had the third most assists in the league, but also the second highest amount of deaths (143, 46 respectively). Higher scoring supports like Zeyzal and CoreJJ were able to rack up more assists and far fewer deaths. TSM finished 5th in the regular season last year, so perhaps if they had won as often as C9 or TL, Smoothie could find himself at or above where Biofrost was last year in terms of average fantasy points per game (7th out of all starting supports in LCS/LEC). If CLG can find their footing early on with their new roster, Smoothie’s value will increase and he’ll be worth the investment for those looking for a cheap support to round out their roster.

Team: Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming as a team is the very embodiment of the saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Despite their players all barely making the top 10 or just outside it for fantasy points last year, their team score average was the 4th best out of all LCS/LEC teams. This seemingly backwards situation can be attributed to CLG’s macro > micro playstyle. Last summer split, CLG ranked in the top 3 of stats like first tower percentage (58%), first three towers percentage (63%), first dragon percentage (68%), and first baron percentage (61%). Stats like these are what make for higher scoring teams for fantasy, and CLG had that in spades last year. If this trend continues, CLG will be a great option on weeks where they have for sure wins.

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