We are entering the last stage of the playoffs race in EU, and the last spots for the final regional bracket are beginning to look like a real game of hot seat. That makes Fantasy drafts more and more of a challenge, and the competition on the leaderboards is unforgiving. Let’s look at some best value Fantasy lineup choices for Week 7 of the LEC Summer split.

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Top Lane

WhiteKnight - Astralis $250,000 (vs MAD & S04)

WhiteKnight was nothing but impressive this split and quickly grew to be one of the leading figures in the Astralis roster. In wins, he often wears the carry shoes, and in losses, he keeps his ground surprisingly effectively – having the 2nd best PPG score in AST defeats. Assuming Astralis wins against S04, whatever happens versus MAD, you should be satisfied, especially with this efficient price tag of his.

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Razork - Misfits $280,000 (vs VIT & G2)

Many people may be discouraged by these seemingly difficult week matchups, but… Misfits have proven they’re able to beat both of those teams, right? Rabbits may not be considered the #1 LEC contender anymore, but they prevail as a top-three team for a couple of reasons – one of them being the fantastic form of their Spanish jungler. Possible huge “surprise 2-0” value right here.

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Mid Lane

Nisqy - Fnatic $300,000 (vs RGE & SK)

This Rogue match looks a bit scary, but let’s not forget – Fnatic and RGE battle for a sole LEC leader position here. So, I wouldn’t expect it is going down without the tense and fierce fight. Nisqy was a star of the previous vis-a-vis between those two teams, and Larssen doesn’t look half as dominant as he did a split or two ago. I think Fnatic will seek Rogue’s weaknesses right there, which should bring a Belgian mid laner some decent score.

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Bot Lane

Patrik - Excel $270,000 (vs KT & NS)

Despite recent losses, Excel is thriving with the new additions to the team, and if the team is prospering, their biggest star has to as well. Patrik looks way more comfortable with Markoon and Advienne at his side. The S04 match should be a formality – the German side is at their lowest at the moment and doesn’t show any signs of improvement, and then there’s a VIT matchup – probably a loss, but at least it should be a messy one – not to mention XL has won it last time, right? Patrik’s a pretty conditional pick but may be a budget supplement of a strong lineup.

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Promisq - Astralis $60,000 (vs MAD & S04)

First things first – I’m not expecting Promisq to get a massive amount of points, cause let’s face it – he never does. What brings him to this article is the fact of being part of a side that’s probably going 1-1 this week (or even 2-0 in some extreme cases, given shaky MAD performance) AND being 60k at the same time – it should allow you to go really big on other positions while getting 15-30 points himself. Ain’t much, but it’s honest work.


Team Vitality $240,000 (vs MSF & XL)

Let’s be honest – Vitality isn’t in the best spot right now, and people were expecting much more from this remade roster. Despite all that, the ceiling is still incredibly high – the last two weeks for them were not only very hard matchups-wise but also served to be a trial for Szygenda. If VIT can bring at least one win home this week, 240k is a bargain.

Best Overall Captain: FNC Upset: Tristana & Kaisa

Tristana is Upset’s all-split to-go pick so far, so she needs to be considered his captain pick. The second pick involves a bit of a risk. However, we can assume Kalista will still be permabanned against the German marksman, and we’ve observed Kai’sa getting back in the graces of LEC ADCs after her brief absence in drafts, which convinced me to pick a Daughter of the Void as Upset’s secondary choice.

Risky Captain: RGE Inspired: Fiddlesticks & Kindred

6 weeks, 13 matches, 8 different champions. That’s how Inspired’s champion pool looks right now, and he didn’t even play Lee Sin and Diana, which are two of the most popular jungle choices in the current meta. If you picked the most expensive jungler in the week he’s battling for 1st, go all in and choose Fiddlesticks (his most played champ!) and Kindred (being one of his comfort carry picks this split). Kind of a gambit, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?