As ridiculous as it sounds in the light of last week’s results – LEC seems to be stabilizing. G2 is back on the right track; Misfits momentum is slowing down and bringing them closer to their expected position; Rogue and Fnatic are battling for the top spots. Remember, though – one swallow doesn’t make a summer – let’s get right to the analysis of Fantasy for Week 6 of LEC Summer Split 2021.

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Top Lane

HiRit - Misfits Gaming $280,000 (vs XL & S04)

The last two weeks weren’t the best for Misfits, but they remain among the top 4 of the EU. Despite a series of losses, HiRit managed to maintain his fantastic average of 22.6 points per game, and this week looks like a sweep for the Rabbits. Of course – XL being on a surge doesn’t help, but MSF got us used to them making a statement against lower-ranked teams. Let’s hope the best toplaner of the first half of the split makes the best of it.

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Markoon - Excel Esports $270,000 (vs MSF & SK)

When was the last time when a total rookie got subbed in mid-split and made such a difference? The rookie XL subs completely changed the team dynamic and massively contributed to beating the likes of Vitality and G2. MAD and Fnatic matches were a bit of a reality check, but the Dutch jungler still managed to find the average of 22.4 points in these two losses. The ceiling is very high in that one.

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Mid Lane

Nukeduck- Excel Esports $270,000 (vs MSF & SK)

Year of a Duck…? Can it be real? To be honest, probably no one predicted Nukeduck to be a real deal on the EU pro scene again. Yet here we are – Nukeduck isn’t afraid to put the ‘carry’ shoes on and lead Excel to great victories, scoring a decent amount of points on the way. Excel battles Misfits this week, which may be a difficult fight, but if it goes messy like their last week’s match against FNC, you shouldn’t be disappointed regardless of the result.

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Bot Lane

Rekkles - G2 Esports $280,000 (vs VIT & FNC)

Say what you will about G2 as a whole, but Rekkles never disappoints. The Swedish ADC was one of the best points of the roster during the team’s losing streak, and he shone even brighter in their last week’s wins. Not to mention – if G2 manages to go 2-0 this week, don’t expect Rekkles to be that cheap again. Last-minute deal.

LoL Support Icon


Trymbi - Rogue $130,000 (vs S04 & AST)

I tend to avoid recommending Rogue players in the lineups due to their high prices and low Fantasy points generation. However, in the support position, the differences are so minuscule that you’re better off paying for stability. And Rogue is just that – stability embodied in a LEC team. Trymbi always delivers solid kill participation as well, so you can also count on S04 and Astralis throwing everything they have at RGE in hopes of putting up some resistance in a bloody game. Either way – it’s a win.


G2 Esports $260,000 (vs VIT & FNC)

I recommended G2 last week, but now it’s too good of a deal to change. As I mentioned earlier – it’s probably the last time you see G2 being priced as a middle-of-the-pack team if they win both games. The last time the Samurais faced Vitality and Fnatic, they ended up on a 0-2 week, but now they look much more convincing – let’s hope the history doesn’t repeat itself.

Best Overall Captain: G2 Rekkles: Tristana & Varus

The marksmen meta has been shifting a bit throughout the last few patches, but Rekkles seems not to care at all and stays true to his comfort picks. Tristana and Varus account for over 72% of his picks during the Summer split – hard to find another player with such a cemented champion pool.

Risky Captain: MAD Elyoya: Viego & Diana

In Elyoya’s case, the risk comes from two sides – one is paying $320k for a jungler who isn’t 100% reliable in returning the investment, and the second – his vast champion pool. Diana and Viego look like this month’s flavors, especially with Elyoya being pretty comfortable with them, although the competition in the jungle meta is super tight.