We are right in the middle of the split. All teams are stabilizing, and the standings look more and more clear … right? Wrong. We know nothing, and it seems it’s not going to change anytime soon. Let’s try to work with what we’ve got. Welcome to Weekly Community Lineup!

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Top Lane

Jenax - SK Gaming $190,000 (vs S04 & VIT)

Yeah – it never feels good to put a member of the dead last team of LEC in your Fantasy roster, but after recent changes, SK finally looks like they can play actual League of Legends. Jenax has always been a leading figure of the team – if you struggle with your budget, maybe it’s worth taking the risk and hope for a bloodfest – or even a win, as they’re opposing two pretty coinflip teams.

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Razork - Misfits Gaming $280,000 (vs RGE & AST)

It wouldn’t be a Community Lineup without this dude, yeah? Despite a disappointing last week, I think Misfits still has it and jumping off this bandwagon would’ve been premature. Razork is still playing super well, and assuming Rogue doesn’t dismantle Misfits at macro, Spanish jungler should be able to put up some numbers, even in a potential 1-1 week.

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Mid Lane

Nisqy - Fnatic $300,000 (vs VIT & XL)

Nisqy quietly went from an FNC filler mid after Caps departure to someone we can call a worthy successor of the Danish superstar. Fnatic’s homegrown Belgian mid laner has been playing out of his mind this split, and despite the S04 matchup fiasco, I think it will stay that way.

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Bot Lane

Upset - Fnatic $310,000 (vs VIT & XL)

Rain or shine, Upset has always been solid for Fnatic, providing great performances throughout all of his journey with Black and Orange. This week, he’s 3rd most expensive option on the ADC position for Fantasy, but you’re paying for consistency, results, and pretty favorable matchups. Good core for your Fantasy lineups.

LoL Support Icon


MikyX - G2 Esports $90,000 (vs AST & RGE)

After a long reign as the most expensive LEC Fantasy support, Mikyx drops all the way to the middle of the pack salary range. Quite rightly so – G2 is at their lowest after literal years of dominance, but Mikyx was one of their brightest points in the last few weeks. Also – what’s the better time for a wake-up call than a matchup versus LEC’s final boss in Rogue?


G2 Esports $260,000 (vs AST & RGE)

Like I said above – week 5 is pretty much a final call for G2 if they want to fight for a good finish during the regular split. They looked extremely poor the last few weeks, but it’s still the same G2 that smurfed the previous split. Now, they have more losses than they had during the entire eight weeks of Spring. If you still believe, 260k is a pretty convincing salary to showcase your faith. Also – after last week, you probably don’t need to worry about objective control – it had to be a #1 topic during practice.

Best Overall Captain: MAD Carzzy: Kalista & Ezreal

MAD has a pretty easy week (on paper at least), potentially a 2-0 against S04 and XL, and Carzzy indeed has a lot to gain here. He tends to put up impressive scores on victories (35.3 points on average, throughout five wins). Kalista and Ezreal are very popular picks on this patch, and Czech ADC is familiar with both, so that’s probably the best way to go.

Risky Captain: FNC Bwipo: Viego & Xin Zhao

Despite playing jungle for just a few weeks, Bwipo’s champion pool of junglers is almost as wide as … himself? The Belgian ex-toplaner played a total of 6 champions in 9 games, and based on his solo queue history, it’s not the end yet. I’m betting on his two most-played solo queue champions, but remember, it’s not Bwipo if he doesn’t surprise.