After the recent surge of Fnatic and Vitality and the fall off of G2 and EU MSI representative in MAD Lions, I suppose we should get ready for the next supply of our favorite old kings & new kings & dynasties narrative. Rightly so? And how does that reflect on the Fantasy? Let’s find out.

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Adam - Fnatic $270,000 (vs S04 & SK)

Adam is somewhat of a coin flip player in terms of Fantasy points scoring, but this week’s coin seems to have only one side, and it’s the winning one. Both Schalke and SK matchups should be fairly top lane centered due to the strongside nature of Fnatic top laner vis-a-vis. If FNC wraps this week up 2-0, which they should do pretty easily, Adam will score big.

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Razork - Misfits $280,000 (vs MAD & G2)

The entire Misfits roster looks great this split. Still, the Spanish jungler is definitely outstanding from a Fantasy perspective – his average points per game score is 31.5 right now, being the clear number one in the current player pool. Let’s be honest – Misfits live and die by Razork – and given they mostly lived this split, it’s looking pretty bright, despite the hard matchups.

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Mid Lane

MagiFelix- Astralis $260,000 (vs VIT & S04)

MagiFelix is one of the most stable elements of this current Astralis roster. Even though the team looks shaky, EU solo queue prodigy always delivers to a certain extent. AST play Vitality and Schalke 04 this week – both matches can go messy, which can only benefit MagiFelix. He looks to be a potential value pick for this week.

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Bot Lane

Hans Sama - Rogue $320,000 (vs SK & MAD)

Is this the real world? Hans Sama not being the most expensive marksman of the LEC? Jokes aside – I understand the point that Rogue doesn’t like producing many Fantasy points, but Hans has been a main carry of the team for some time now – they need to win through someone, right? If SK and MAD put up some resistance, those points will snowball.

LoL Support Icon


Hylissang - Fnatic $110,000 (vs S04 & SK)

I never thought I’ll ever recommend Hylissang in any Fantasy roster, but here we are. Fnatic is going into this week very convincingly, and with Hyli being the undisputed most aggressive support in the EU, he can really rack up points. Especially given the easy matchups – if S04 and SK aren’t able to punish his bold playstyle, Hylissang is going to have a field day this week.


Misfits Gaming $250,000 (vs MAD & G2)

It’s not every week you see the sole LEC leader priced as a mid-tier team, huh? Of course – technically, it will be the most challenging week MSF had so far, but the Rabbits proved they could win even with the stronger teams. Both MAD & G2 are currently shades of former selves, so hopefully, the momentum of Misfits is enough to win both of the matches.

Best Overall Captain: MSF Razork: Rumble & Lee Sin

To justify the pick, consider everything I wrote about Razork above and add that he played Rumble whenever teams didn’t ban it in the last two weeks. The second captain choice is tricky, but it has to be one of Xin Zhao/Lee Sin duo – considering how clean Iván’s Lee was, I’m leaning towards the Blind Monk.

Risky Captain: FNC Upset: Kalista & Tristana

Upset’s Kalista wreaked havoc in Europe for good two weeks now, so it’ll surely draw some bans. If teams don’t respect that, expect Upset to make good use of the Spear of Vengeance again. If she’s banned, though, it becomes a bit of a roulette. I’m betting on Tristana since Upset likes her and fits his playstyle, but I wouldn’t be surprised by any other meta pick.